Are Food Allergies the New Eating Disorders? Cosmo tells all.

Yesterday, I bought my first (and quite possibly last) copy of Cosmopolitan ever. The February 2014 issue boasts a flashy pink cover, “85 ways to get your dream hair,” and a 4-step “bikini body plan." Good stuff. But what really interested me was this headline: "Are Food Allergies the New Eating Disorders?" I’d heard about the article the night before, and I opened to page 182 ready to hate it. I wasn’t totally disappointed. ...more
momsgottamove  I'm sorry to hear about your daughter; it's so frustrating not to be able to eat ...more

Why every foster parent needs to know about food intolerance. IMO.

In one of my very first posts about food intolerance I flagged that I wanted to write about the significance of food intolerance to foster care.  I’m just now getting around to it.  Reflecting on where we were at Christmas last year has re-ignited my passion for evangelizing about food intolerance and this is something I feel needs to be really spelt out.  I’m going to try t...more

A Tale of Two Christmases: Part 1.

This is the first of two posts I’m writing for the Christmas Blog Hop hosted over at Cooking for Oscar, a wonderful recipe blog for food intolerance....more
That poor little girl! (And poor you!) I cannot imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking that ...more