6 Tips To Shed Pounds Quickly And Safely

Results, results, results! That’s all we want. It’s what we work for. If people don’t start to see results when they want to see them, many people will quit their efforts prematurely. If we aren’t seeing progress, it must not be working, Right? Not at all....more

What the Diet Industry Rarely Talks About

Fitness magazines and diet books have taught me a lot over the years, but I always felt like they were leaving out a giant piece of the equation. After devouring the latest dieting tome, I would excitedly plot out menus, shopping lists and exercise plans for the week. Yet two days later the plans would fall by the wayside and I'd be left feeling guilty, ashamed and frustrated that I couldn't seem to follow through. ...more
@BrownieRehab And yet you are still here! Horrific days are bound to happen - just hopefully ...more

Why I've Started Keeping a Food Journal

I went back and forth for a while on the idea of keeping a food journal. It's a diet-y thing to do. And I was afraid it would trigger me. Would it be impossible to resist the urge, with all the raw data there, to slip on over to Spark People and enter in what I'd eaten, to get a calorie count? I could already hear the "but I'm just doing it to find out how much fiber I'm eating" voice piping up....more

Thanks :) I write a lot about being a fat athlete, and about intuitive eating on my blog. I hope ...more

Food, I love thee for all the wrong reason

 So my other half is deployed right now and I have been attempting to lose weight. I am down 30 pounds in 56 days. Not too shabby. I still have a LONG road ahead and I stumble alot. I have a junk food addiction. Some people have alcohol, smoking or drugs as their vice and I have processed sugar. I am trying to curb it but seeing a twinkie, animal cookies, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and fast food coupons in the house make me crazy. Today for example I was doing so well....more

Lose Weight with Web 2.0

It's 2009 and you've made a couple of New Year's resolutions. And if you're like most "resolutioners" - your number one resolution is to lose weight (myself included :) ). Great — so what social media tools or communities are out there that can help us meet this goal? Meet TheDailyPlate.com ...more