Food Labels Hacked My Way

Don't you feel like you need a degree in Biochemistry, or at least Nutritional Science, to understand food labels enough to just simply go grocery shopping? I hear you! And, the eating rules change all the time!Butter was out for awhile. That was a sad time. Now it's back in, or at least sort of, depending on what you're reading, or what you hear on the news, or from your friends....more

Are You Healthy?

It’s everywhere you turn. Calorie counts. Exercise routines. Fat grams. Step counters. Sugar-free. BMI. Diet this. Say no to that. AAAAGGGGGHHHH!...more

Cluck Cluck ! Eggs & Poultry

 How do you see yourself living now and in your aging life? Healthy and happy?   It starts with what you put in your body. First thing you need to know. Not all food is created equal. With the health movement coming along, companies are trying to jump in on the bandwagon to make the extra dollar. Today’s topic, eggs and poultry!With so much mixed information floating around, it can be hard to know what the right choice is....more

The Kitchen Think: Food Labels Should Tell Us If The Ingredients Are Genetically Engineered

You want to know what’s in the food you’re eating, right?Sure, labels tell you if there are trans fats or nuts (or a dozen other things). But they DON’T tell you if what’s inside was made with ingredients that were genetically engineered....more

Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Going Gluten-Free

So you think your life is over.  Some doctor or nutritionist, or even your friendly health coach, just told you you that eliminating dairy and/or gluten will be the cure for what ails you.  As the news sinks in, you think: on no no more pizza, no more beer, no more pasta. Yes, life is over as you know it....more

Cheat Sheet: How to Use Coupons for Better Nutrition

What took off when the economy tanked? Coupon clipping. We all eat, we all shop and we all want to get the biggest bang for our bucks and using coupons is one way to accomplish all of the above. Whether you flip through the pages of a Sunday newspaper, check the website of your favorite supermarket or search the circulars of your neighborhood stores, you’ll find a wide range of savings at your fingertips if you use coupons. ...more

I used to do my meal planning based on what we were in the mood for, but now I mostly do it ...more

Black Gold, Turin Tea - The Nutella Wars

It must be all those images of petroleum mucking up things all over America's south that brought the attention - front & center - to the EU commission.  Would they start sms campaigns to help Americans in their time of need?  Stick tougher regulations on the European petrol companies?  No - all that gooey brown chocolate gook made them think of one thing and one thing only -- how to regulate Nutella through taxes and warning labels -- seeing that the one for cigarettes has had such a resounding success over the ...more

Bulking Up - Is Fiber The Superhero Of Nutrition?

Fiber is the word we hear everyday, a word that was never once spoken aloud in my family until recently.  Dietary fiber is considered one of the most important ways to maintain good health. Fiber discussions are everywhere and that leads to fiber guilt. Now when friends get together, we’ ll often check the fiber content of the muffins before choosing one.   (We don’t always choose the one with the most fiber, but we feel obligated to check.) ...more

September 30: The Day Your Grocery Store Gets COOL

Cool, meaning hip and happenin'? Cool, meaning extra air conditioning? Nope, COOL, meaning Country of Origin Labels, which finally go into effect today, September 30, 2008, across the U.S. When the 2002 Farm Bill was enacted, Congress required food producers to include country of origin labels on many foods, including raw meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. Implementation was delayed until now, giving food producers plenty of time to prepare. Many foods, especially "food products" -- are exempt. Still, today's the day! Here's what we should find, beginning now. ...more

Unbelievable the most processed meats don't need to be labeled!!!

Thanks for this ...more

Organic label not a substitute for thinking

Organic production standards are based on principles such as sustainability, reducing off-farm inputs and environmental impact and minimizing the use of synthetic materials. Buying food labelled organic would seem to be an easy way to feed your family more healthy food, right? ...more