For the Love of Food-Lit

I love food-lit. Pretty much any book, be it fiction or non-fiction, that uses food as a central part of the story is bound to pull me in. These books occupy a special space in my house -- literally. Most of my books are in our media room, but cookbooks and food-lit live in my kitchen. Cookbooks can tell me what ingredients to mix together, but food-lit can inspire. ...more
Anything by Anthony him! (or should I call it "food-porn" seeing that it's ...more

Oh That Wonderful Food-Lit

Since I'm in San Francisco this weekend attending the BlogHer Food conference I figure there's no better time to talk about food lit. I love food-lit. Good food-lit makes me want to rush to the kitchen and start creating. It also makes me hungry. ...more

I know I met at least two restaurant bloggers at BlogHer in Chicago. I *think* both of them ...more

Food-lit - Not Just For Foodies

There is an epidemic at my house. My bookshelves are being taken over by food-lit. Books about food, about chefs, about the editor's of chefs, about gardening and everything food related are taking over my bookshelves. And I'm not the only one suffering this epidemic, I'm seeing it all over the blogosphere. ...more

I'm trying to think of ones that wouldn't make it too tempting to eat... Memoirs might be a good ...more