Don't (necessarily) Buy Local

[image via Science Photo Library] Buy local food for its freshness. Buy it to preserve open space and support the local economy. But don't do it to save the planet....more

Freeing our food from fossil fuels

In the early 1600s a consortium of Dutch merchants called the VOC (the United East-India Company), colonised the spice islands, now known as Indonesia, mainly for the rich harvest of peppercorn, cloves, cinnamon and other spices. These spices arrived in the North-European diet of potatoes, cabbage and kale like the sudden appearance of Californian sunshine into the grim Dutch winter (nobody has more words for "rain"), and made the merchants who imported them by the shipload fabulously rich. The 10,000 mile diet was born. ...more

Food Miles, Climate Impact and Food Choices

New Scientist: Environment posted about a paper entitled "Food-Miles and the Relative Climate ...more