How to: Build your own rolling pantry!

I knew from the very beginning with Grandma’s house that the kitchen would end up being a bit of a galley. At first I leaned to using the closet under our stairs for our pantry but it worked out too well for that to be our wood storage....more

Six Summer Personal Care Items You Never Thought To Donate

While it is not technically summer, the 84 degree weather (in Pittsburgh) has me thinking about things like finding my flip-flops, setting out the deck furniture and maybe even planting stuff that grows. I might get ambitious and carry my winter coats to the attic this weekend. Just another ritual in the day to day change of seasons, right?...more

Sniffles and Soup

Welcome to January (and perhaps back to work.)When we selected a "theme" for this month - it wasn't hard. It is cold season (and flu, bronchitis and pneumonia season) so we stick with two basic items: soup and tissue. ...more