10 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Food Photographs Delicious

Remember, you eat with your eyes first. These are my tips, tricks, and equipment recommendations for taking great food photographs for your blog. ...more
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Comfort Food: The Secret to Surviving Winter

The secret to surviving Canadian winter? Comfort food! There's another snow storm raging out there but no worries here at home because we've got my hubby's hearty beef stew to keep us warm. It's so delicious with a little French baguette and butter. Ooo, baby. So lucky to have a husband who cooks because the way to this woman's heart is through her lens, then her stomach....more

Photographing on White: A beautiful compliment to food photography

Photographing on white is a clean, calm and beautiful compliment to food photography.Someone recently asked me if I like photographing on white and I understand why. I've got a lot of that barn-wood-thing going on. My clients like it and they ask for it. I like it too, but I also like whites. A large part of my home decor is whites, and when it comes to food photography I love that whole Donna Hay look a lot....more

Everything We Eat Is Yellow

Our diet is brimming with starches and refined carbohydrates. The combination usually turns into a beigy-yellow on our plates. And we love it! Well... actually, we "like" it, "share" it, and "pin" it. Our preference for bland colored food is more visible than ever through the undeniable popularity of food pornography. ...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Ooey, Gooey, Gorgeous Healthy Food Photography

This week's BlogHer Food '13 speaker interview made my tummy grumble. As much as I love all of the sprinkles and sugar on food blogs, I love a good, healthy recipe. Our speakers for the Ooey, Gooey, Gorgeous and Healthy Food Photography panel know a thing or two about healthy recipes -- and how to make them look their best. I thought I'd ask them to show us a photo and share a recipe with this question: Please share with us one example from your work in which you have taken some *boring,* healthy food and made it look fantastic. Explain to our readers how you achieved that look....more

Chorizo, Chili & Mushroom Stuffed Crust Pizza

 Apart from convenience, one of the best things about pizza shop pizzas is stuffed ...more

Learning Food Photography...

One of my main goals is to learn food photography. How to take appetizing photos of my work, then post to my blog and other media. I have'nt a clue! Yes, I need to take a course in photography, but, I'm one of those, who prefer to learn on my own, through trial and error! Any advice? Which digital camera's are best, or, in some cases an old fashioned camera works best? ...more

falling in love with Fall

Perhaps no one loves the changing of the seasons more than I.  The smell of the crisp leaves burning to an ash from your neighbors’ yard, the crunching of the dried fallen leaves under-foot as you kick-step your way down a winding path that is littered with Autumns’ foliage.  Also, the chill in the air that signals to all, that winter is soon to make its  d’ebut into the year.  As this time comes near many of us query to oneself, ”why do we get or are so blessed with this bounty of colors?”  I am sure that most of us have learned while in Sabbath School, that God cr...more

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The Best Part About Coming Home: Vegan Roasted Garlic Pasta With Kale

Whenever I travel, I want to write about the delectable foods I discovered on my journey. Sadly, my last two trips have resulted in virtually nothing of particular interest to report. In Denver we were snowed in and ended up at a diner across the street from our hotel, followed by a chain restaurant for dinner....more