The Worldwide Vanilla Shortage is Coming

Vanilla, we hardly knew ye. And now we're heading into a worldwide vanilla shortage....more
I will pay the extra price to have real vanilla. more

Grocery Shopping: It's Kind of a Drag

I don’t know how people with more than a couple of kids are buying groceries these days. Has anyone else noticed the prices creeping up and up? In the last couple of weeks most of my old standbys have almost doubled in price. It’s making grocery shopping kind of a drag....more
 @Laine Griffin Yes...I have not established that balance here, I can tell you. A fine line to ...more

Food Prices & Hunger: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You?

I went grocery shopping the other day and came home with an empty wallet (despite growing much of our food ourselves, I might add) to read that, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, November marked the fifth month in a row during which world food prices fell. At first I was compelled to shout obscenities at the liars behind my screen, but then I noticed even they admit the statistic is misleading....more
] @seedee Hi there, Diane! Welcome to BlogHer. You're going to love it...and I like you already. ...more

Slow Food’s $5 Challenge: Out of Touch with Average Americans?

According to a recent New York Times article, more Americans are growing gardens not necessarily because they enjoy toiling in the dirt, weeds and sun, but because they can no longer afford not to. As prices continue to rise—and package sizes shrink—at the grocery store, some, especially in rural areas, are turning to the ways of their ancestors to fill their pantries and freezers. ...more
@Diana But, there is a lot that CAN be done. For example, buying from the farmers directly is ...more

Food and gas prices in Sweden today

I went to a local grocery store here in Sweden to check out what we actually pay for food in this country today. I also stopped by a local gas station to check out the current Swedish gas prices. Full post and photos: Food and gas prices in Sweden today...more

Can I Get Ketchup With That?

Sure, I get that gas prices are staggering. Food prices hitting the roof! In a word, the economy is in the toilet right about now. But, and this is a big but, there is hope on the horizon, as unemployment has fallen a bit from 9.6% to something along the lines of 8%. I know it's a mere drop in the sustainability of life, but, it's reason to keep hope alive!...more

Sometimes I feel guilty having to ask for extra napkins, but,come on, sticky fingers don't ...more

The Cost of Food

The shock and awe over food prices continues. It's been in the paper practically every day for the last week. First, they tell us food is costing more. Then they give us the usual tips on how to save money, which really only work if you have a job and a car. I don't know why all this bothers me so much. Part of it is the nagging thought in the back of my head that Americans pay less for their food than any other country in the world. We pay less for gas too, but even liberals are complaining these days about the cost of that. ...more

Freezing extras is a big time-saver. Like you, I always try to use up our leftovers, too. ...more