Is Tuna Scrape the new Pink Slime?

Just when you thought the Pink Slime outburst subsided, another pink food imitation has reared its ugly head: tuna scrape. Geez, I've already seen how beef is mutilated and transformed until unrecognizable but leave my spicy tuna roll alone! This is a sad, sad day....more

Another Meat Recall: It's Time to Get Your Grind On

Grind your own meats.  It’s cheap. It’s better for you. It’s better tasting. When you buy your own cuts, you get to select the best quality pieces and have control over the freshness of the product....more

Why You Should Care About the Food Safety Modernization Act

Inedible eggs! Scary spinach! Panic-inducing peanut butter! When a long string of staple foods become key players in tales of terror, you know we've got something wrong with our food safety system. That's why right now, a Senate bill called Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) is getting so much attention. And if you'd like to one day enjoy your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in peace without fear of paralysis or death, you should be paying attention to it too. ...more

As I have gotten older, I feel more uncertain with the safety of food products. It's a gamble. ...more

Recall: Chocolate Pecan Caramel Stars

Harry London Candies Inc. announces a voluntary and limited recall of Harry London Chocolate Pecan Caramel Stars due to an undeclared allergen ...more