Methods of Food Preservation

When it comes to food preservation, you can practice different methods of preserving your food. Basically, there are six methods of preserving food: (1) canning, (2) freezing, (3) drying, (4) smoking, salting and curing, (5) fermenting, and (6) juicing.Canning food...more

Learn how to fight food fraud

Food fraud is a growing issue around the world, affecting a significant portion of the items on grocery store shelves. For the final post in ModVegan's series on luxury foods, we'll be examining  the issue of counterfeit and adulterated food....more

The FDA Has A GRAS Problem

Eating and drinking is about as basic to our survival as it gets.While we might debate whether various manufactured foods are the healthiest choices we can make in a day, we assume the FDA has approved their ingredients before we eat them.  We assume all the ingredients meet a standard of  “reasonable certainty” that no harm will come to us from consuming them.  We assume all the ingredients are known.We are assuming wrong....more

Getting Derailed

I haven’t published any posts this week, and it’s already Thursday. My intention is to do at least two or three recipes a week, hopefully even more as time goes on. This week I got derailed.I got what we like to call “glutened,” and I have been sick for days. My kitchen is safe, and by that I mean there is literally no gluten there. There are no contaminated pans, spoons – nothing. I can eat and cook and not worry about making myself sick....more

Fun Food Safety for Kids

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Canned Food Safety

photo credit to: balayoga.comHome canning preserves fruits, vegetables and meat into glass jars. It may be a safe and economical way to preserve food for home consumption. Oftentimes, home canned foods bring forth a sense of pride for its makers. They are given as gifts to family and friends as well as a start to a small business....more

They're Banned in Europe, So Why Are We Still Eating Them?

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What We Can Learn from the European Horse Meat Scandal

It's not just horse meat. It's not just Europe....more

What's Arsenic Doing in My Rice, and What Can I Do About It?

There is arsenic in my rice. Not just any arsenic, the inorganic trivalent form that is known to be carcinogenic. And I seem to be eating a lot of it: Rice comes to me not only in my Chinese take-out and my sushi rolls, but in breakfast cereals, crackers, and the baby foods I used to offer so liberally to my children. Now that we've gone gluten free, we've started to rely on rice flour in our baking as a substitute for wheat. ...more
 @HomeRearedChef  Ugh.  So sorry to be the messenger of bad news.  Sometimes I think that just ...more

Won’t Rot, Won’t Spoil, Won’t Expire.

This is not about Twinkies. Their preservative-packed lifespan is the stuff of legend, but they don’t make the cut. It’s not about the fruitcake from last Christmas, or leftovers that wear out their welcome long before the mold grows.This is a list of foods that never go bad. These are the foods that that have been unearthed, still edible, from the dusty depths of King Tut’s tomb, a fallen Viking’s knapsack, and an Oklahoma supermarket nobody has shopped at since the 1950′s....more
About all I can say here is I LOVED this post. I write recipes and love to cook, and LOVE to eat ...more