The Food Industry is Fucking with You

I ate the reheated boxed Mac and Cheese. If we were talking about first-time-around boxed mac and cheese, this might be a different story. But I ate the microwave reheated kind—you know, without any flavor, the cheese just a whisper of it’s former self.But I don’t take full blame. Sure, I got myself to the grocery store and ultimately purchased the damn stuff, but let’s look at what we are up against all day, every day....more

Its time to go food shopping

A chore I dread every Thursday.Whats on the list? The usual... meats, lettuce , bananas, lunch meats, milk, eggs, tp, pt, noodles, veggies.... but this Friday I want to make bread bowls and soup for my fiance's and my at home date night . I just need some dry yeast and cornmeal, I have everything else.This will be my first time making bread bowls... any kind bread actually. I'm excited !!! I love cooking....more

USDA Releases New Resources for Healthy Eating on a Budget

Late last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture updated to feature more resources for eating well on a budget. For many families, it's a struggle to eat healthy, nutritious food that meets basic dietary guidelines without spending too much money, and this new resource provides lots of tips and tools to help change that for families around the nation....more
We are fortunate enough to have a real old-fashioned butcher very close to our home. We also ...more

Grocery Game Plan

Grocery shopping is always a crapshoot over here. The babies know they have me captive because when we go to the grocery store, we have things we need to get before we leave. They know I won't leave until I go through the checkout. They have me at their disposal as we walk through aisles and aisles of fun and yummy things that they can't open or play with. It could easily become a nightmare, and it has been pretty ugly in there at times, but usually, we pull it off flawlessly, thanks to having a game plan in place before we even leave the house. ...more
I never had problems either. When my daughter got to the stage of dropping my keys out of the ...more


The horn of plenty a symbol of blessings and bounty. Most of us think of stories about the Mayflower and Pilgrims whenever viewing this picture. A characteristic associated with the symbolic horn is more than enough to share. Before going any further I want to be emphatically clear I'm in no way hating on the extreme coupon people. Anyone who can maneuver around sticker shock at the cash register should be heralded as a champion. However, commercials showing extreme coupon extraordinaries converting rooms in their homes to mini marts are indeed EXTREME! What is the purpose of their bounty?...more

Geeky Mom: Eat This, Not That iPhone app

You've probably already heard of the wildly successful Eat This, Not That book series by Men's Health editors David Zinc...more

Yet Another Compelling Reason Why Our Children Should Not Drink Soda

I think by now most of us have heard at least one reason why soda is just not that good for any of us to drink, but especially our kids. The other day I was flipping through the November Issue of Family Circle in my doctor's office (where else do you get a chance to read it?) when I came across another disturbing reason why we should all stop buying soda. ...more

My son turned 18 in November and about 3 months ago he began experiencing an odd shortness of ...more

Buying Proteins - Video Tutorial at $5 Dinners

A new video tutorial has been posted on $5 Dinners! Erin at $5 Dinners shares how she finds cheap protein sources at the grocery store!  To see the video and get some great money saving tips, check out ...more

Food Allergic Buyers Beware

In early May 2008, I came across a website for a "nut-free" bakery in New England with which I was unfamiliar. Finding a new "free-from" food manufacturer is always exciting.  Like unearthing a hidden treasure.  This one was especially appealing because their cakes are different than the usual yellow cake.  I finally got my hands on a slice of their cake, sold at supermarkets outside of Boston. ...more

Food Labels Made Simple

Feedstuffs Foodlink (one of my best sources for information for this blog) has sponsored a brochure which clearly defines many of the common food label terms for meat and poultry. ...more