Snubbed by Snobbery?

As I work on a recipe for Mother’s Day I realize God is showing me something in the process. I don’t need to compare myself with anyone else; I am completely unique, with a voice unlike any other! I might occasionally fall onto the broad path where foodies talk about their 15-year-old aged balsamic vinegar, but I soon regain my senses. I’m just happy that I discovered a way to make my own raspberry vinegar, out of “leftovers”....more
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Friends and food: To give or not to give

I have a lovely friend who's just a few centimeters away from having her first baby. She recently posted on her blog a great list of ways to assist a friend upon the arrival of her newborn, a list she was given by an equally lovely friend of ours. Many of the ideas include ways to help out by providing food, lasagna naturally being one of the suggestions. ...more

Excellent points all, Ashack. The asking truly *is* the extra special touch. I love to bake and ...more