Lessons in Language: 5 “Preferred” Terms for Recipe Writers

As an academic, English PhD, and food writer, I become increasingly overwhelmed by the little rules and facts that govern recipe writing as a genre. ...more

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Organic Tea

Is there anything better in this life but dark chocolate - the nectar of the gods.  And how about that hot cup of tea -  How about tea infused dark chocolates?  Now you can get your chocolate and tea combined in one luscious bite.  I enjoy black current dark chocolates.  It reminds me of tea time in England.  Where can I get these chocolates.  More to follow......more

We are now accepting submissions for Guest Posts

We are now accepting submissions for Guest Posts at Wearenotfoodies.comFor more information, please see our Guest Post Guidelines...more

Rose Shaped Buns

Last year there is Korean series that I used to watch every day, storied about two siblings who desired to make the best bread that ever made by their Dad’s teacher. On the series they showed how to make Rose shaped Buns. ...more

Book Review: Girl Hunter

Book Review – Girl HunterOn December 18, 2011, in Lifestyle, by Bette Boomer ...more

Living with a generator day 5

As I type, I am on day 5 on living with the hmmmmm of our trusty generator.  I did not post yesterday because we ran out of fuel and the town has shut down because of no power.  Our neighbors helped us out later on in the day.  So, I spent the day, picking up the house and yard after the storm.   I am so grateful for the precious water we have in our bathrooms.  It has been a real life saver.  We left the pool cover open so we can bath in it.  Yes, it has leaves in it and I spotted at least one worm but I keep telling myself that it is like sw...more

My relationship with food...

This blog may seem confusing to some with all my musings and then food recipes on here. One might think I may have lost my noodle a bit but no I haven’t “officially” lost my noodle, this is just me....more

52 Weeks of Cake: Olive-oil cake?

The cake of the week was Olive-Oil Cake with Candied Orange, from the June 2011 issue of Bon Appetit. ...more

First Blog Anniversary--Where Do We Go From Here?

A whole year of Hampshirecook’s Blog?  I can hardly believe it, I have learned so much about blogging and promoting and tweeting and commenting and rankings and spammers…and realise there is a whole lot more to learn.  Taking (or not taking) reasonable photos of food in the middle of winter is one of my biggest challenges!  However, I have found some really nice people, helpful and caring bloggers so willing ...more