Cooking for Company

Earlier this month, a couple of dear friends phoned to invite us over for dinner. They had a big pot of turkey chili bubbling on the stove and a loaf of cornbread cooling in the oven. "Nothing fancy, just comfort food."The spur-of-the-moment invitation was all the more delicious because Doug and I hadn't planned anything for dinner that evening. And the cozy company of longtime friends was exactly what we needed in the middle of a crazy-busy week.That night, we also revisited an earlier conversation we'd started on the topic of entertaining....more


Some of you may have noticed in the last two weeks that I have posted fewer recipes from my kitchen. There is a reason – school. My Master’s classes have started. I suspect that there is some mathematical formula that would describe my progress in school based on the posts in my blog. Ratio of recipes to restaurant reviews, times the ratio of the number of my own recipes to one from others, divided by the the number of of words per post. Or something along those lines. A GPA tracker – like an intellectual GPS....more

Salads for Two; Visually Dressed For Sex Appeal

Salads are not only healthy but they can also set the stage for romance; dressed for eye-appeal is perceived sexy and delicious. So when going out to eat is not always within reach of our budget—often, too, we just want to spend a quiet evening home, alone—hubby and I will sit to discuss our evening meal, creating salads with endless possibilities, visualizing and tasting. Here are just some of the pictures of salads we’ve imagined and concocted, adding any number of possibilities for dressings. And don’t forget a nice bottle of wine!...more
@cookingwithkary An orange before and with the salad. Yummers! Big crushing hugs back!more

Rejoice! Portland Can Now Commute Artisanally, And Other News.

O joy of joys, wonder of wonders!  It’s the weekend again!  That pangelical time to visit friends, build frustrating things, nurse hangovers and catch up with all the incisive media you had missed all week.  Like these fair and balanced top stories....more

Spudnuts Are Jerks.

When I was back home for Christmas this year, I had this grand idea that I was going to feature local foods from mom and pop type shops.  Although in my mind the Pacific Northwest isn’t the frontrunner in unique regional foodstuffs, there’s a few places that stick out in my mind when I think of back home.  One o...more

Margaret Again

I've posted in both my blogs today. The weight loss blog includes a full body picture of me, as well as one of my grandmother, pictured when she was only about three years older than I am now. other piece is about a visit to see relics of a saint. One of them is the patron saint of overeating!...more

Carol Egbert writes about Vermont food from a country kitchen and her blog is illustrated with watercolor paintings.  You will also find lables, cards and other goodies that she has designed that  can be downloaded and printed.During mud season - March and April - posts come from Sicily....more

Do you ever wonder "What's for DINNER??"

Always struggling with "What's for dinner?" Don't like to grocery shop? Feel like you are ordering fast food or take out too often? Do you wish you had a 'cooking fairy'?...more