When sentences change from ''I was really drunk and...'' to ''Milo and I...''

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Super Bowl Sunday Traditions Even for Families Who Hate Football

I picked the children up from school earlier this week. As we walked in the door, I said, "Guess what!?!?!?! The Super Bowl is this weekend." Now that might seem like a non sequitur to you - but in my house on a Tuesday afternoon, it causes cheers. My family? Football fans? No. Not. AT. ALL. ...more

Watching a game that has already happened makes no sense to me. Just like watching anything ...more

The Sneaky Chef

I recently wrote a post about hiding certain veggies in Hubby's food because he doesn't like cooked veggies. He loves salads of any kind and he'll eat any raw vegetable (except for kohlrabi), but he just does not like cooked veggies....more

Sardines, Avocados and an Aversion to Portion Control

  This isn’t so much about creamy avocado. Nor is it about unctuous, oily sardines, crusty toasted bread or even fruity olive oil. This is about weight. My weight, your weight and Alton’s weight. ...more

Finally -- More Direction at the USDA

S.T.O.P.—Safe Tables Our Priority extends our congratulations to Dr. Elisabeth Hagen on her nomination for the position of Undersecretary for Food Safety.  ...more

The Mamma Goddess

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Hot Buttered Cobra-On-The-Cob

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Best of 2009

2009 was definitely the year of the Veg & Green lifestyle.  From Ellen to Oprah, Tal Ronnen to Alicia Silverstone, Gardein to Daiya, the last year of the decade was a veritable vegan, health & eco fireworks extravaganza! So I figured I'd compile my faves of the last year in case any of you missed them so that you can enjoy them well into the new decade ; ) ...more

Your Perfect Diet

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Munchies for the big game

Our local football team the Baltimore Ravens are playing in the playoffs this weekend! To celebrate I am sharing a few of our favorite game day munchies. ...more