Training our children's palates with healthy foods

When I first introduced my children to food when they were infants, there was a lot that they truly enjoyed, and none of it had any sugar or salt added. It was all they knew, and they were thrilled. I even made the food myself, and still did not add any seasonings to improve upon the flavor....more

Comfort Food


365 Days to a Brand New Me! DAY 3

I Survived!...more

How to Cook Dinner without Touching Raw Meat

So, my dashing and dapper Lumberjack is getting tired of eating beef. My meat and potatoes guy apparently needs a break from meat. Apparently you can feed a Lumberjack too much red meat. Who knew? ...more

Weekly Round Up

It’s a New Year with New Updates in the world of food safety!  Here is a sampling of what to look out for and what to know as 2010 begins.  Remember, you can receive this information and more by signing up for our S.T.O.P. E-alerts!  Have a safe and happy 2010!!UPDATE: Applebee’s, Darden also hit by beef recall The Nation’s Restaurant News gives us an update of which restaurant chains have been affected by a December recall of beef.  ...more

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tart

This tart is a like a classier, more delicious (if possible) chocolate pecan pie, which is one of my favorite pies....more

Help Me Learn to COOK

So I am asking for help.  That's a biggee for me.  I have posted this in my 10X Club (if you are not a member yet, you should check it out!) but I need LOTS of help. ...more

Hi!  I thought of you when I posted about edible broccoli today.  It's easy and ...more

Post-Holiday Healthy Cooking Advice from the Mayo Clinic

As New Year's resolution season approaches, many of us are thinking about food and our health....more

My first entry 12-30-09

 Wow, this is year is almost over, I am really looking forward to a new start in the New Year!. Our whole family is ready for that.  I am going on to doing new adventures this next year, I have always wanted to write and have had some things published when I was much, (much) younger.       I know this is not a normal post but it is my first one on here. I am just really trying to get the feel for this blog.  I like the concept of the but now I just need to figure all the ins and outs of it. ...more