Supper with Strangers: Dinner Clubs for Solos

It’s dinnertime, you’re hungry. But you’re craving more than just a meal. You’re palate is longing for conversation with other individuals, people just like you whose who too may be alone for supper. If the thought of having dinner with random peeps seems terrifying, intriguing and thrilling all at the same time, that’s because it is.   Food is intimate, dining out a sensory experience and sharing it with a people you don’t know is sure to send a mix of emotions right through your body....more


Milk burfiIngredients:Evaporated milk - 1 tin or 1cup - thick milk powder milkButter 100grmsSugar powder 1 cupcocoapowder 2tbspMaida (all purpose flour) 2tbsps Method: 1.Take a thick pan and add all the above ingredients.2.Stir constantly on gentle heat till the mixture leaves the side of the pan (approximately15 to 20 minutes).3.Pour evenly into a buttered dish. Allow to cool and set,cut into squares or diamondshapes....more

This burfi is very nice and prepared in very simple method.


Produce Safety Project and S.T.O.P. Release Report on State Surveillance of Foodborne Illnesses

There is a large burden of foodborne illness in the United States with approximately 76 million people falling ill every year (that’s 1in 4 Americans) from largely preventable food contamination.  Fixing the problem is dependent on knowing where the problem starts and which foods from what producers are making us sick.  Ultimately, then, the ability to control food poisoning starts with the public health department and their ability to find out what a person ate when they have a diagnosed case of foodborne disease.  ...more

Progress Towards FDA Food Safety Reform—Not A Moment Too Soon

For the first time since my daughter's best friend died from  E.coli O157:H7, I am finally starting to feel that we are making progress towards comprehensive FDA food safety reform.  Last week the U.S. Senate held its first hearing on S.510, Senator Durbin’s bipartisan bill that updates our ancient food safety system....more

Sharing local foods with the wider community

As October comes to a close, the Eat Local Challenge is thinking bigger and looking for ways to spread locavorism beyond our home kitchens. Week Four (October 24 - 31): Taking it to the Community Week four will focus on eating locally within our communities. We can host potlucks and eat local parties, we can check in with our schools to hear whether they are supporting local farmers with their buying decisions. ...more

There are some great ideas here. I attended a slow food feast last weekend that benefited a ...more

Dirty, Sexy Cuisine / An Interview with Naughty Chef, Blythe Beck

Dirty, Sexy Cuisine / An Interview with Naughty Chef, Blythe Beck     --"Naughty means butter, cream, cheese, and pork fat. It means a flavorful American dessert with a sexy twist"—Chef Blythe Beck ...more

Too green a thumb? Put your excess backyard bounty to good use!

Got an overabundant backyard garden or fruit tree? Don't let the extra food go to waste! In addition to sharing the bounty with your neighbors -- or getting really serious about canning and jamming -- here's how you can put your produce to good use: ...more

How cute! Would you mind sharing what the carrot-friendly seed company is? It sounds like a ...more

How to kill a turkey, forage for fresh clams, and get organic local lunches in schools

If you've watched Food, Inc., you likely have a pretty good, overall sense of what's wrong with our food system today -- which helps put all the continued news reports of foodborne illnesses and obesity problems in context. Of course, all that continued bad news still gets depressing even if you know what's creating the problems. ...more

Oh no! You'll have to balance them out with your own backyard garden!