Eating Healthy With A Busy Schedule

So we’re all busy right? Running to and from places. To Starbucks, to the office, to visit an elderly grandparent, to the gym, to an extra-curricular activity, a meeting. Running running running. And yet, I always roll my eyes at those skinny girls who say, “I just don’t have time to eat!” Yah, WHATEVER! Rome could be burning, and there I am, chompin’ away. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of meals I’ve missed in my ENTIRE lifetime. If you ask my husband, he’ll attest to it! No joke. I NEVER miss a meal. ...more

Food and Family: What They Made for You - Making It Your Own

 My grandfather made the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. I am a cookie freak in a family of cookie freaks and they are my seminal cookie, the cookie to dominate all other undeserving cookies in the world. I can still see them stacked in careful waxed paper layers in the tins, perfect chip-to-dough ratio, just a bit harder than your average chocolate chip cookie, lovely and bumpy and exactly perfect mix of sugar and salt....more

This is just lovely.



You Know Food is Bad For You When......

You know food is bad for you when..... *It tastes good *When you have had some, you want more *You would rather spend an evening eating this food than go on a date with your boyfriend *You have seen them eating this food on Friends or any other sitcom *Your grandmother says they did not have it in her day *No matter how much you buy, it is always running out. *It never reaches its best before have alway eaten it by then *You never look at the price, you just put it in the trolley ...more

Sustainable eats and photo-activism: Andrea Bakacs' eco-inspirational food pics

Can good photography change the way we eat? That's the idea behind photo activist Andrea Bakacs' work -- and it's gently shifting the way I think about food. ...more
what i know before that beautiful food photography influence us to eat those foods, but I ...more

Got my jackhammer and some Cheerios

That is how dedicated I am to carving this niche....more

It was a mom with babies, I used the flash when I took a photo and it freaked her out. She ...more

Guilt… Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!

So, our brains constantly torture us to the tune of ; I should be spending more time with my kids, cooking healthier meals, calling friends more regularly, returning emails, working harder, going to the gym more often, being nicer to people, coming home earlier from the office, baking more, eating better… Oh the Guilt! Oh the Guilt! ...more

Every now and then it tries to sneak into my life but I'm very quick to shut it down. Life is ...more

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


I just read your post and I love it, just what I needed ...more

Help for young women who want to get SANE about food!

I'm happy to introduce, a site and organization for girls and young women who overeat or have weight issues, started by Sunny Sea Gold, the health articles editor at Glamour magazine (and former binge-eater). Get help, support, tips, and a little bit of food sanity, whether you have a problem with emotional eating, dieting, bingeing or are just confused about what Healthy Girls eat!...more

Your Body Image – Loving the Woman Staring Back

Wow, sitting at Second Cup, writing today’s blog entry before going to serve pizza lunch at my son’s school. I have to say, I’m enjoying this new venture. I simply love everything women related, all the issues, and this has become an incredible medium for me to connect with all of you. ...more

It's a process. You'll get better and better with practice. Good luck! And be good to ...more

Cheeburger, Cheeburger! NOT!

My first attempt to make a veggie burger turned into mush. But it did taste good.  So try to get past what it looks like and focus on the ingredients.   In the processor went:  1/2 can black beans, onion, carrots, salt, pepper, garlic salt and breadcrumbs. ...more

One black bean burger I made a couple of years ago was such a horrible disaster that I do ...more