The Hunger Challenge: Hunger and food stamp facts you should know!

In just a few days I am taking on the hunger challenge in support of eliminating hunger here in the USA...or at least help to draw attention to the issue of hunger in t ...more

The Art of Conversion

If you are cooking for one, one of the greatest challenges you will face is finding single-serve recipes. Even though recipes for one are few and far between, portions can be scaled down to individual serving sizes in just a few simple steps. Here is how you can get started:   ...more

She's a Genius!

Just bought Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook Deceptively Delicious, and I sat in bed reading it last night,  dreaming of serving my family mac and cheese that contained hidden butternut squash puree. Yummy and a source of beta carotene and it counts as a serving of veggies. Way to maintain that food pyramid!! ...more

Foodie shopping destinations during BlogHer Food 2009

If you’re traveling to San Francisco for BlogHer Food 2009, you might want to leave a little extra room in your suitcase. Not only is this a city of great eating and drinking, this is a terrific city for culinary shopping and tourism. ...more

Gudrun, some of these places were totally new to me, too, and yeah...there are some field ...more

High Protein Scramble (for B-L-D)


How to Score at the Grocery Store

Most of us look forward to going to the grocery store about as much as we look forward to paying bills: it’s an annoying chore we often don’t have time for yet a job we have to get done.  It’s time to change your attitude about the hassle of food shopping and recognize the potential jackpot of young singles that await among cartons of milk and bags of chips. Think of the grocery store as another hot spot to socialize and scope out potentials. Here are six ways to turn a chore into a chance to score: ...more

Stuffed Grape Leaves a Utica Recipe

Stuffed Grape Leaves, offering meat and meatless suggestions. ...more

Wise Cooking Tip: Coping with Kitchen Burns

When you've got 4 burners going, a roast and a gratin in the oven, and guests in your living room, what do you do when you've just reached for one of your pans and ended up burning yourself? It's not a riddle, it's a real home kitchen dilemma. ...more

Surviving on $20 for 20 Days: A Lesson in Life & Food

Last week, MommyQ came across an interesting story about a college student at University of Texas who is trying to prove that $20 is a decent amount of money. David Lee, a senior at UT and an advertising major, decided to see if he could exist on $20 worth of food for 20 days. He got the idea from a contest being hosted by UFCU (University Federal Credit Union), ‘What Can You Do With $20.09?’ First, the serious points… ...more