Gooey Chocolate Brownies with a Walnut Crunch

Walnuts and brownies are a match made in heaven and today’s recipe comes with  healthy serving on top of a gooey, chocolatey brownie.What is a “walnut crunch” you ask? Well, it’s a term I made up for this recipe to describe the crunchy layer of baked walnuts on top of this scrumptious treat.I like my brownies really soft in the middle but if you like them a bit firmer add an extra 10-15 minutes of baking time to end of the recipe.I’m giving you fair warning, its hard to just stop at one of these! Enjoy....more

working in a professional kitchen: week two

"you know it's madness to do burger day on a monday."i look around. what are you talking about? burgers and fries? seems like the simplest thing in the world, a natural choice for coming in on a monday with no prior prep done....more

Paleo Grilled Chicken Nuggets

 Everything you cook has some connection to how you are feeling. Cooking chicken nuggets for me was a way to put the horrible Fast Food ones mentioned in the past behind me....more

Random Simple Things

I created Random Simple Things out of no-where. I started this blog to just post any idea, thought, recipe, whatever, that came to me. I am new to this blogging thing and hope to grow better at it each day.  ...more
Welcome! I love random simple things and I never thought of making fruit roll up snacks! What a ...more

Food Junkie

I love to cook and eat really good food, but I don't necessarily want to spend all day in the kitchen, unless, of course, I could make a career of it!  I love cooking and baking for family and friends, and I love sharing recipes and cooking/kitchen tips with everyone.  Check out my Facebook page so you don't miss out on any of my yummy recipes.  As soon as I get the hang of this blog thing, I'll begin posting my recipes....more
Check out my Food Junkie Facebook page for my delicious recipes and kitchen tips. Like my page ...more

Graveyard Shift: Supper at Oakland Cemetery

A chilly October mist settles over us the minute we step into the graveyard, making us a little unsure about having agreed to dine with the dead, but Esther Andrew and Chef Evan Cordes are about to shift our way of thinking. ...more

The Sweet Simplicity of Braiding My Onions

I was introduced to the Laura Ingalls' "Little House on the Prairie" books when I was eight years old.  Soon after, I began doodling on wide-ruled paper when day-dreams would overtake me.  In them, I was Laura and I was playing in the log cabin attic bedroom with my sister Mary.  We would cuddle our tiny corncob dolls while playing house, sitting on pumpkins for chairs.  Overhead, strands of dried onions would hang on every beam.  The detail of my drawings was only limited by the time I had for that particular sitting.  Since I was a farm girl and much of our lives revolved around storing food, preparing food, and growing food, I had found my literary heroine....more

Cooking Simply: The Italian Way! : Goodie Basket Giveaway - Aroma Cucina

Cooking Simply: The Italian Way! : Goodie Basket Giveaway - Aroma Cucina We hit the ebook Trifecta!  Our cookVook is now available in all ebook formats. To celebrate, we're running a contest, and the prize is Gustiamo's amazing pantry basket. It contains the amazing Italian ingredients used in our recipes.  Check out the rules and enter the contest.  Buona fortuna! ...more