Rasta Pasta

Have you even seen my first Rasta Pasta recipe?...more

Rosemary's NYC

 image via...more

My Journey to cooking #1

I don't cook. It's not that I can't, I just don't want to. I have no passion for it. I don't have the patience.But today, I ventured into the kitchen... and made Buffalo Wings. Yup, that's what I did. So what do you need to make this?...more

thirstyGIRL: The Dreaming Tree Wine Review and Food Pairings

"If it tastes good to you, then it’s good wine” Dave Matthews wine philosophy.What can possibly go wrong when you combine Russian River, a world renowned wine maker, and Dave Matthews?...more

11 foods to make with a waffle iron that aren't waffles

This past Christmas, I finally got a waffle iron. For years, I wanted one but didn’t want to invest the money, thinking it’d end up just sitting on a shelf somewhere.The waffle iron is so surprisingly easy to use and clean. The time it takes to prepare and cook the waffles is not long, especially if you use a mix, either store-bought or one you prepared before....more

Here a Taste, There a Taste...

Hubby and I took advantage of a professional conference in Napa to get away and spend a great weekend being foodies for our 6th Anniversary....more

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Foodie Mama: 2013

I wrote this post for RichmondMom. You can read the full article here. ...more

8 Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Ever since I was a kid, my birthday always signaled more than my entry into a new year — it meant the beginning of holiday season. Aside from Thanksgiving, I never celebrated any of the traditional wintertime holidays (although Eid did fall in the snowy months a few times). Regardless, winter was always a season for spending time with the family and exchanging gifts with friends. ...more

TGIF Lunch & A Wild Weekend for an Introvert

Eric and I have a few friends who are the complete definition of extraversion. The prospect of hanging out with friends every night of a week excites them....more

Spend or Skip? President's Choice Edition

As I mentioned in a previous post, Eric and I bought an array of frozen appetizers, and a pizza, for our at-home date night. Neither of us wanted to do any ‘real’ cooking.We usually don’t buy non-staple items that aren’t on sale, but decided to ignore rule for the occasion. Was it worth it?...more