Foodie Friday - Horseradish and Leek Soup

Have you ever ordered a soup not because you necessarily thought it would be delicious, no more because the name of the soup intrigued you?  That is exactly how we were introduced to this amazing soup here is our recipe for you to enjoy. ...more

Foodie Friday - Summer Chicken Salad

Foodie FridayHere is our family's Summer Chicken Salad recipewe hope you enjoy it as much as we do....more

Foodie Friday - Golden Turnip and Apple Soup Gluten Free

Here is another wonderful soup recipe from our kitchen to yours.Golden Turnip and Apple Soup Gluten freeClick here for the recipe...more

Foodie Friday - Turkey Cabbage Casserole

We really enjoy cooked cabbage and here is a wonderful casserole dish, featuring this versatile vegetable.Click here for recipe...more

Foodie Friday - Ginger Chicken Soup

Cold weather and leftover poultry has inspired this unique Chicken/Turkey Soup Recipe.  Ginger is health and an easy way to ward off colds (or at least I think it is).We hope you enjoy this soup as much as we did.  From our table to yours....more

Foodie Friday - German Baked Beans Gluten Free

With the return of cold evenings we are turning to our favourite comfort foods and German Baked Beans is one such dish.  We hope you enjoy this weeks recipe.Click here for the recipe...more

Foodie Friday - Creamed Chicken and Baked Potatoes Gluten and Dairy Free

Using up those Thanksgiving Leftovers is often a challenge in creativity!Here is our families favourite way to turn leftovers in something everyone looks forward to.  Creamed Chicken or Turkey on Baked Potatoes...more

Foodie Friday - Sauerkraut and Sausage Soup

It is getting cold and we have put the gardens to bed for the winter and so we have gone in search of hearty soups to warm out bodies with.  In Mennonite food traditions sauerkraut is a vegetable preparation that is feature fall and winter here we have used it in soup.  From Our Table to Yours ...more

Foodie Friday - Apple Roses

Foodie Friday and Cooking with KidsApple Roses a fast fun and wonderfully sweet treatWill be the centre piece of our Thanksgiving dinner...more

Foodie Friday - Beet Muffins

This is a very old recipe found in Great Great Grandma's recipe box Beet Muffins moist and with a wonderful sweet and earthy tasteClick here for recipe...more