Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, with a few Recipe alterations, of course!

I love browsing recipes and planning on what to cook for next week. But I usually can't get too fancy because I don't have the funds to do so....more

For the Love of Oreos

Do you have a favorite cookie? In this house, it’s the Oreo. My son loves them. My daughter loves them. And, boy does my husband love them!Why do we love Oreos? Is it their dunkability into a big glass of milk? Is it their perfect blend of chocolate and cream? Or is it something else?… Why, yes, actually. It is something else:...more

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention

Three days ago I carefully chose 1.5 pounds of beautiful ground sirloin from the meat market. I had big plans for that meat. And by “big” I mean burgers. But when I returned home I discovered only a mere five or six ounces of charcoal remained in the bottom of the Kingsford bag on our patio....more
 @wdolderer You know, I think I'm going to need to find a new shelf to add all the beautiful ...more

An Unlikely Romance- How I Met My Mistress

In college, I lived off skipping meals and beer. A diet that suited my wallet and had no effect on my waistline.  However, at 25 years old, I was a newlywed, blissfully married and neither my husband nor I could cook.  My husband refused to believe that beer was a perfectly acceptable calorie replacement for food (stubborn male), and I reluctantly began to notice my metabolism was catching up to me. (Who knew beer was filled with empty calories?)...more

Common ground for all food lovers

I am a self-proclaimed vegetarian…ish. I believe in supporting local farms and denouncing industrial farming…most of the time. I will always choose organic over conventional…unless I have some killer coupons. Everything about my diet screams moderation and convenience....more

Hooka'd On A Feeling

I’m a firm believer in work hard, play hard(er) and this weekend I did just that. As promised in ‘Say Yes‘ I attended a housewarming party for one of my girlfriends. There, I got the opportunity to catch up with her and a few others who I saw at the event. I even found out that a friend of mine is one of the managers at Frank Ski’s Restaurant. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the place and I can’t wait to check it out....more

My Last Meal: Surrounded by Food and Family

Food is a subject near and dear to my heart. My best memories are sitting around the kitchen table, reveling in food and family. Still today, we make meal times special. I'm not the cook my mom is, but I try and duplicate the family bonding parts. ...more

Food Addiction: When food is like heroin, only worse- it's everywhere.

image via Health FreedomsThe American Medical Association just got a lot closer to defining food addiction as a di...more

Hospitality Lost and Found

I can’t remember if I trembled when they asked. I’m pretty sure I did. The question came in an e-mail but would’ve been cooler if it arrived via telegraph.               “Coming to your town for five days –(STOP)- Can we stay with you              –(STOP)-Or at least share one good Italian meal”   I held my hand under my mouth to catch the excuses as they flowed. Mostly buts....more
@victorias_view Hey Victoria--Sure! Come on over! How far do you live from WV?more