Food Addiction: When food is like heroin, only worse- it's everywhere.

image via Health FreedomsThe American Medical Association just got a lot closer to defining food addiction as a di...more

Hospitality Lost and Found

I can’t remember if I trembled when they asked. I’m pretty sure I did. The question came in an e-mail but would’ve been cooler if it arrived via telegraph.               “Coming to your town for five days –(STOP)- Can we stay with you              –(STOP)-Or at least share one good Italian meal”   I held my hand under my mouth to catch the excuses as they flowed. Mostly buts....more
@victorias_view Hey Victoria--Sure! Come on over! How far do you live from WV?more

Running update & foodies get ready

"Forget the gun, taken the frozen hot chocolate!" - Experiencing NYC food in 3 days

  "Everyone needs their quintessential New York City experience", is what I told my traveling compatriot, Alicia, after just arriving in NYC, literally tossing her in a cab while yelling to the driver, "Take her to the Hilton New York, pronto, amigo!"...more

What to do when your bestie is in Switzerland? Guest blog for her!

The following is a guest blog I recently wrote for the blog of a good friend of mine all about the lists we make in life. Check her site out at and while you're at it, take a peek at mine at Happy reading! Hello Lists On Life followers!...more

Food Food & More Food!

By Beth Friedman @BethLovesTravel I am obsessed with food. In a former life I must have been a chef, a Jewish Grandmother or an Italian Mama because I love to cook, I LOVE to eat and I love to feed people. It's a wonder that I don't weigh 300 pounds because I wake up every morning wondering what my next meal will be. This is no different, and actually gets worse when I travel because to me, one of the key ingredients (forgive the pun) to a great trip is to experience the cuisine of wherever I am....more

I Have Come-Out-Of-the-Closet. I Am Menopausal and Fat!

I have come out; I am fat, and menopausal to boot! After years of hiding that I am an addict to food, though not to be confused with a “food binger,” but a true Foodie that LOVES food, I throw in the towel and here-and-now will admit to finally losing the battle in my attempt at weight loss. It has been most exhausting; and so much time and energy wasted....more

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I read your blog on the elderly, and it ...more

Culinary Adventures: Favorite Eats Part 2

Childhood Memories...more

Gastronomical Adventures: Favorite Eats Part 1

Definition of a Foodie...more

A Garlic Centerfold