5 of the Best Gifts for Foodies

It’s that time of year when we’re all doing last-minute gift shopping for friends and family. It can be especially difficult to buy for someone who’s interest you are unfamiliar with. I know every year I debate whether or not we should just get my dad a gift certificate to a lumber yard because he builds furniture and I know literally nothing about wood....more

Beef Brisket With Honey Mustard Glaze - Recipe - Braising Series

     This is a family favorite at my house.  The brisket is infused with lemon peel, garlic, onion, and cloves while it braises gently on the stove, and then is finished with sherry in the oven coated with a brown sugar, mustard, and horseradish glaze.  The thin slices of brisket are delectable and you will want seconds!(Serves 6-8)...more

Butternut Squash Purée - Recipe

     It is always a special time when the butternut squashes start appearing in the stores and farm markets.  It seems to be a herald of fall weather and slow cooking recipes to come.  Sort of like what my grandmother used to say about katydids.  The first hard frost will come 90 days after the first katydids start to chirp.  Katydids are those bush cricket bugs that you hear in the fall.  It is only fitting to reminise about grandparents, because mine use to make a butternut squash purée like this for Sunday suppers....more

Summer Squash Stroganoff - Recipe

     Perhaps it is just that I am excited for fall and all the cool weather recipes to come that I decided to make a stroganoff tonight.  This is more of a transitional end-of-summer dish I think.  Instead of the traditional mushrooms, I am using the lovely summer squash that is available now, and using plain goat yogurt instead of sour cream (a lighter choice).  You may use plain cow yogurt if you prefer....more

Barbecue Sauce Recipe

The Secret Ingredient in this sauce is chocolate chips!  It is quick and easy to make, and oh so delicious!Barbecue Sauce(Covers 4 racks of Pork Ribs, about 1 3/4 cup)...more
@wdolderer It is yummy.  The chocolate is like a seasoning you can't put your finger on.more

Radio - live w BlogHer, Saturday July 13, 9-9:30AM CT

I blog, farm and host a wkly show, Deep Roots Radio. Tomorrow I'll interview BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page about this dynamic website and the thousands of woman who blog and network on this platform. Join us: July 13, 9-9:30 AM CT Where: live on the Internet, http://www.wpcaradio.org Why: Hear why BlogHer can benefit women bloggers. My interest is in reaching women bloggers who explore the many connections between what we eat and how it's grown....more

How to be a Food Geek

[image courtesy of Consumer Eroski]...more