Sorry, but workout is not a bad word!

The word workout gets this pissed off look from people anytime it’s being mentioned. It is true that oftentimes, workout plans comes in routine process. This also is enough to get people pissed. But, the question is this; should workout really be as routine activity!  Answering this sort of question could get confusing.For the benefit of those who have no in-depth knowledge about workouts, workout type and of course workout facilities. I will like to briefly expose our mind to some facts about workout and it scopes;...more

Cooking my way through my German Heritage.."One Bratwurst at a time!

 This is the first of my cooking adventure..."Cooking my way through my German Heritage"..One Bratwurst at a time! Growing up one of the main staples in my Mom's kitchen was potato salad/German potato salad. Mom is Duth and Irish but her Daddy is American German so she would make him a German Potato salad to die for!...more

Another One About "Various Nasty Other Phobias."

Do you ever know in advance just exactly what Complexes (Complices?) you are going to give your children? Like, are you a neat freak and you just know you are going to breed children who cannot go to sleep if their stuffed animals are out of place? Or maybe you are super stranger-danger-phobic, and you have instilled in your children a deep fear of all people, and they will assume that every person they pass is going to accost and torture and murder them?...more


It's spring cleaning time!  Members of Jill's List are cleansing...should you?  Join us for a NATIONWIDE DETOX starting May 1st (and tell your friends!!)...more

Pesticides and GMO Foods

Avoiding these foods for the most part, substituting with foods from the clean list and eating organic and/or homegrown produce whenever possible can substantially cut down on your exposure to pesticides. Keep in mind that corn and sweet potatoes are among those foods most likely to have been genetically modified....more

Celebrating the Sabbats - Foods for Imbolc

Imbolc is the second Sabbat in the Pagan Wheel of the Year. This holiday celebrates new beginnings and the first stirrings of Earth's renewal as She prepares to shake off winter's slumber.The word Imbolc either means "in the womb" or "ewe's milk" depending upon which spelling and interpretation you read. In either case, it refers to the ewes of the flock, pregnant with lambs, their udders filling with milk as the lambing season approaches.After 2 months of eating foods which had been stored for winter, this milk provided a welcome and nutritious change....more

10 healthiest foods

Some are too fatty while others are too sweet for a healthy lifestyle. Others however have a high nutrition value and this makes them the world’s healthiest foods. It will be surprising to find out what foods have made it into the world’s list of the 10 healthiest foods.Fish is on top of the list containing the 10 healthiest foods and for all the good reasons. Fatty fish to be precise makes a healthy eating if it is included in the diet at least thrice a week....more

More Monsson Flooding in Pakistan

It cannot have escaped many peoples attention that there is a natural disaster happening righ now in Pakistan where the heavy monsson rains have flooded a quarter of the country in the North WestSwollen rivers and torrential rains submerged hundreds of villages in the area, forcing people to flee their homes without warning and leave all their belongings behind.Fears that the forecast for more torrential rain will cause the countries third biggest dam to breach mean that the appeal for action and aid is even more urgent....more

Welcome to the South, Gwyneth

Gwyneth Paltrow apparently just finished filming a movie in Nashville, TN. She was recently quoted as saying, "I was so bad with the food and alcohol in Nashville. If you saw me naked compared to what I looked like when I did 'Iron Man 2,' when I was exercising every day -- I'll get it back together, but I've never eaten so much fried food and white flour in my life, ever. Oh, God." ...more

Visiting my mom in the South and saw a truck that was selling chicken fried bacon. This, in ...more