Cute Holiday Cheese Appetizers on a Stick

Hi, I'm Linda from Crafts a la Mode.Are you going to need an appetizer for a holiday partor the holidays? Perhaps you need something to bring to a party? This is a very easy and fun thing to make.Cheese bites on a stick. . ...more

Fair Fare

                Go for a spin, funnel cakes. Goud-an outta here, fried cheese curds. Aw, shucks, corn dogs.                You’re so last year’s fare....more

The Iowa State Fair: Pleasure Island of Tawdry Food

The first time I visited the Iowa State Fair, I arrived armed with an annotated map. My friend Leah, whose father is the Executive Director of the Iowa State Fair Foundation, grew up attending the fair. When she heard I was going for the first time in 2006, she told me she had a set of places she liked to go. At her cubicle, she used a marker to identify the best booths and the best food. ...more


It's definitely fun -- delicious stuff. :-)

--- Genie, more