I Knew You Were Trouble

From my blog Take It EasyDo you ever find yourself idly passing time on the interweb by flicking from site to site finding things to read? I often do, usually among the news sites, many of which have a 'funnies' section which is usually good for some entertainment. One of my favourite sites is the BBC, which is very comprehensive. Yesterday, I found this little gem on there:...more

My Football Obsession and Girls in the Game

By Francesca Catalano, faculty member at American Public UniversityMy name is Francesca and I have an unusual obsession: for some reason I have become enamored with college football at a university I have never attended, taught for, or--until recently--even visited: Louisiana State University.  I can’t really explain how this happened. ...more

A Football Widow's Rant

Original Post: http://thepinterestedparent.com/2014/09/05/a-football-widows-rant/                                                                ...more

10 Reasons to Welcome the Return of Football

As I write this, all 32 NFL teams are in the throes of training camp; the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony and game will take place this weekend; and fans are already assembling their fantasy leagues. ...more
I like you, Casey: I can feel your enthusiasm through my computer screen. #GoTeammore

Sriracha Bacon Recipe

Sriracha Bacon RecipeI have decided to marry two of the most popular flavors on the planet right now....more

Patriots - Denver --- What Went Wrong For Pats

This season of Patriot football has been a roller coaster ride for fans, but with all of its ups and downs it still provided me with one of the best viewing experiences and  brightest water cooler talk. With the Season over it's time to look at what exactly went wrong in the Denver game that ultimately left fans unsatisfied.Early Superbowl Prediction ...more

Could the Patriots Let go o Edelman at Seasons End?

http://nepatstalk.com/2013/12/patriots-let-go-edelman-season-end/Julian Edelman has had a terrific season up to this point. He has 86 catches for almost a thousand yards in what has been a break out season for the former QB, but it’s not all happy days for pats fans watching EdelmanPatriots – Bills week 17 Prediction...more

Patriots - Bills Week 17 Prediction

http://nepatstalk.com/patriots-bills-quick-prediction/The Patriots go into the final week of the regular season in an odd position. They are fighting for a first round bye but they may already have clinched the two seed before they even kick off just after 4. None the less the Patriots will be looking for a win and here's how I think the game will go....more