Is it Just Morbid Curiosity?

Being a football fan I do go to on a regular basis. On February 6th, I saw the headlines for Johnny Manziel, the Cleveland Brown’s quarterback. It was pretty obvious that he got into another trouble. I’m not a Manziel fan and since I watch a lot more pro-football more than college football, I didn’t even know about him before he entered NFL. I’m also not a Cleveland Brown’s fan....more

Football Sunday

Today I been thinking about what to serve for tomorrow’s game! Football Sunday is an important day at my house as you can imagine, the screaming and swearing at the tv is the normal :)! Last year I served Falafel, Hummus, and Kibi. And for dessert I made white cake with cream cheese frosting and dusted it with chopped pecans.  I went the middle eastern route all the way! This year I am going to make some of my middle eastern dishes but adding to that some of the American traditional Football Sunday food to satisfy everyone taste and requests. The menu is: ...more

Football Hall of Fame and Terrell Owens

As a football fan, I visit the website quite a lot during the season. But usually I don’t play much attention to who was inducted in the Hall of Fame. This year articles regarding the selection caught my eye. Simply because I’m a Brett Farve fan and he is thought to be a definite inductee for this year. But it also said that wide receiver Terrell Owens was among the last players to be considered. ...more

Instant Karma

"Instant Karma's gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head..."So begins the John Lennon song. Yesterday I saw a perfect example of this. OK, it was only in football, and was a long way from being a life or death situation, but it made me laugh. A lot! I must first declare an interest here, as I have supported Tottenham Hotspur since I was 5 and although I now regard them as my third team, behind Leyton Orient (local team) and Dover Athletic (home town) I still follow them....more

Football Solidarite

(Originally posted on my blog, Take It Easy) Much has been said over the past few days, but I think these images tell the story without any further words being needed.From Friday 13 November:...more

A Grand Day Out

I just posted on my blog, Take It Easy. I'd love it if you took a look! You can find me at:http://www.cliveblogs.wordpress.comI hope you like what you see. Good luck to everyone typing their heart out this month!...more

Tackle Scavenger Hunt - Football Themed

 Tackle Scavenger Hunt - Football ThemedThrill of the Hunt loves themed events.  In fact, that's kind of our thing, especially scavenger hunts!  I've said it before and I'll reiterate, ANYONE can enjoy a Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt, at any age, at any location with any number of participants.  Seriously?  You bet!...more

I Knew You Were Trouble

From my blog Take It EasyDo you ever find yourself idly passing time on the interweb by flicking from site to site finding things to read? I often do, usually among the news sites, many of which have a 'funnies' section which is usually good for some entertainment. One of my favourite sites is the BBC, which is very comprehensive. Yesterday, I found this little gem on there:...more

My Football Obsession and Girls in the Game

By Francesca Catalano, faculty member at American Public UniversityMy name is Francesca and I have an unusual obsession: for some reason I have become enamored with college football at a university I have never attended, taught for, or--until recently--even visited: Louisiana State University.  I can’t really explain how this happened. ...more