Big Game Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Bites

Sunday is the day, guys! The one day a year where I'm 100% completely okay with commercials interrupting my show. The big game itself!...more

Nine Touchdown-Ready Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl XLVII, a.k.a. The Brother Bowl, is little more than a week away, which means food and football enthusiasts are readying for one of the year's biggest bashes. As a San Diego native, I've been a longtime Chargers fan. But seeing as they didn't even make the playoffs, I quickly transferred my enthusiasm and emotional investment to the Packers and the Patriots. And then they both lost in the playoffs.So now that I'm team-less heading into the big game, I've devoted all of my energy to hitting the gym extra hard. Hah. Right. No, I've devoted all of my energy to planning the ultimate gourmet game day. Here are nine of my favorite Super Bowl snacks, from potato skins to chicken wings and every taste in between....more
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