Sock It To Me

Some time after the Great Sock-Context Debate of 2007, I made the life-altering decision to start wearing men's white crew socks just like Hubby wears and I've been buying them in bulk for both of us ever since.Now all the white crew socks in the house* belong to both of us, so I can no longer fairly be accused of sock thievery or using one of his socks "out of context."...more

Putting Your Best Foot Fashion Forward

Not to rain on anyone's parade, especially if they are lucky enough to attend BlogHer '10 in the fashion capital of the US, but you might think twice about the footwear you select for navigating the sidewalks of New York. Consider this Public Service Alert #1: Clogs Can Cause Harm to Self and Others.  If you are a clogger by trade or even a hobbyist clogger, disregard this entire post.  You have probably already taken out additional health insurance policies to protect you from what I am about to explain....more

MBT Shoes - A Walking Shoe with Purpose

Do you like taking long walks on the beach? Well, there's a new high tech walking shoe out there that claims to mimic walking barefoot in the sand in order to give you all those same health benefits…working your legs, your glutes. ...more

Fancy Footwear

As you may know, the fashion industry’s big trade show, MAGIC took place a couple weeks ago in Vegas. The weather wasn’t the only thing that was hot, as hip designers abounded at MAGIC and sister shows Pool and Project. On the footwear front, the following brands were brought to our attention: ...more

February's New Look in Footwear

Blue Eyes wants to be sure that everyone knows that I know not to wear socks with sandals, so I thought I would share this picture and my explanation for the picture on my blog. ...more