My morning routine

It’s so funny, after having nothing to post about yesterday, I found myself interested in a post my friend Phyllis of Napkin Hoarder wrote about her morning routine. She noted a recent article published by Forbes magazine on The Morning Routine of 12 Women Leaders.  I loved Phyllis’s point of view from an “average women’s morning”....more

When Will Female Authors Get the Respect They Deserve?

It’s not really that easy for a writer, and in particular a woman writer, to make money. Or is it? For the first time in history, women writers are actually making “gobs of money.” ...more
 @Lisen Stromberg  @sassymonkey I do think part of the lack of respect for women authors is ...more

Top 10 Richest People in the World on Forbes

Here a list of the top 10 richest guys in the world.1. Carlos Slim Helu (Telecom, Mexico) Telecom tycoon who has done privatization of Mexico’s national telephone company in the 1990s becomes world’s richest person for first time after coming in third place last year. Carlos Slim Helu has the property of $53.5 billion.   2. Bill Gates (Microsoft, U.S )...more

Won't you be, my Mentor?

Okay, so if you’ve been too busy lately (understatement we know) to log onto to read the wonderfully resourceful blog posts and to meet your fellow Butterfly Moms (we still love you), we’ll just have to personally deliver them to you from time to time: 1. ...more

Trust For Sale! Media, Money and the Fragility of Brand

Forbes is about money. Markets, investment, moguls, industries. As a serious publication, it's also about trust. There are publications whose editorial leanings you may agree with or disagree with, but in general you can at least trust that their editorial leanings are their own. At least that's what we're led to believe. ...more

My husband works in TV news, so the blurry lines between editorial and advertising content are ...more

Forbes' "Radical Reinvention" Is This: Stiffing Bloggers

Something radical had to be done, of course; between 2007 and 2009, ad pages at Forbes plunged 40%, as did the traffic to Enter the new "chief product officer," Lewis D'Vorkin, who is ready to radically reinvent Forbes ...more

Yeah, sure. I currently blog for free, but I just got started. I'm in the middle of branding and ...more

Pamela Nicholson, president of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, named to Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women in the World For 2009

Pamela Nicholson, president of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, has once again been named to Forbes 2009 list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. ...more

Why aren't we consuming?

I sit and type this while my email inbox is deluged with sale notifications: Buy one sweater get one free! 30% off already markdown prices! 40% off! Deepest Discounts ever! All of J. Crew is FREE! Meanwhile every other commercial on television is for $17 diamond baubles because if you weren't buying diamonds before this recession then clearly NOW is the time to stock up. And if I see another blaring ad for ridiculously low prices only between 6 and 7 AM on Black Friday, my eyes are going to pop right out due to extreme pressure thanks to incredulity. ...more

HeatherB - i w-i-s-h everything at JCrew were free lol!  

well i signed up for my own ...more

A Forbes list that I'd actually like to be on

During one of my daily writing procrastithons, I perused Forbes and found this: Forbes list of the World's Best Paid Authors. After looking at the list I decided that Tom Clancy probably doesn't stare at Twitter for three hours when he isn't up to writing just five. more. words. ...more

I'm behind on my reading but I just found this while putting together my new freelance ...more