Should #DWT (Driving While Texting) Be A Misdemeanor, Even For Your Teens? A BlogHer Poll

We parents know…there's scared. There's also scared @#$%!less. And then there's knees-on-the-floor-praying-so-hard-you're-sweaty-scared. That sweaty-scared position is how I feel about the risks of distracted driving for my kids—and I'm now scared straight myself after spending two hours at a Ford Driving Skills for Life clinic. ...more
cmillerrindy oh thanks! Nice to meet you.more

Ford, Take Note: Your New Spokesperson Awaits, a 5 Year Old Girl Named Serena [Video]

This is just so cute - Serena is my kind of  automotive "girl-power" role model!Jody, Inc.
Serena age 5 posted another adorable Part 2 p Video to Mr. President of Ford Motor Company here: ...more

New Ride-Not Your Dad's Ford Taurus

I have a new car. It's a Ford Taurus. Only just get that idea out of your mind right now. It's not the Ford Taurus that I (and maybe you) remember. It's sleek and should I say? Luxurious!  I wasn't prepared to think that about a Taurus. Mine is white with leather interior and it has so many features on it I think I have to run by the dealership in the morning to learn how to operate it......But I'll manage, I think.....:)...more

Distracted by Technology: Are Hands-Free Devices in SYNC with Safe Driving?

Meeting with Ford A few days after I returned from participating in the ...more

Instead of getting a specific car you could just download and use

The app reads ...more

The Detroit Auto Show: Sure Looks Green to Me

I'll bet many of you have heard rumblings from friends and relatives or colleagues at work about the premature death of the green movement, and how the economic recovery must first occur before we even address climate change. This rhetoric is a groundswell among otherwise rational people, not just climate change deniers....more

AskPatty Top 10 Automotive News Stories in 2009

We all love a good Top 10 List so for New Year's Eve I wanted to highlight and reminisce on the top automotive stories of 2009. It was a brutal year for the auto industry however there are signs of recovery and hope that 2010 brings in a more prosperous year for car makers and the automotive sector in general....more

AskPatty meets Elena A. Ford had the remarkable opportunity today to attend a roundtable to discuss Ford's newest and most impressive vehicle: the Ford Fusion Hybrid capable of nearly 700 miles of in-town driving on a tank of gas. ...more

A wreck and a Ford

A wreck and a Ford ...more

Obama says "Jump!" Automakers say "How High?"

President Obama's announcement on the Auto Industry may have helped clear up some concerns (most notably with tax credits and warranties), but it still has automakers scrambling for additional drastic change. ...more

Best Ways to be Pampered in your Car

Some of the BlogHer women were discussing recently whether we tend to be the ones who get spoiled, or whether we are the ones who do the actual spoiling. So the question was asked "Is it better to be spoiled than to spoil others?" ...more


Ford Motor Company is sure making many new improvements in Creature Comforts for ...more