Drop Everything And Celebrate Beverly Cleary's 94th Birthday

I am celebrating because one of my favorite authors, Beverly Cleary, turns 94 today. It doesn't take much to convince me to grab a cup of coffee, a cupcake and a good book, but today is extra special. Whose early reading years weren't marked by a delight in the adventures of Ralph S. Mouse, or schemes of the enterprising Henry Huggins, or travails of Ramona, one of the most realistic young characters ever written? Beverly Cleary's legacy of over 30 award-winning children's books have turned countless young people into avid readers and lifelong lovers of good stories. ...more

Ohh, I love Beverly Cleary books. Ramona books were always my fave.

Mary Daly, One of Our Feminist Foremothers, Has Died

Mary Daly is an important feminist foremother whether or not you knew of her, agreed with her, or read her books. Her work was like a powerful intellectual and spiritual snow-plow, taking the risks to clear the roads for others to travel. There are radical pioneers who risk everything the world will say about them or do to them in order to truly inhabit what they believe. They walk what they talk, even when the talking alone is an act of courage. Mary Daly was that kind of pioneer. She lived her truth. ...more

You are so right -- flawed does not mean without deep value! Mary Daly was a real ...more

Thanks Mom

I love being a female in this day-in-age! When I look back just one generation, there is a noticeable difference in the amount of opportunities out there for us. Just a handful of years ago, a position like mine was much more difficult to accept. There is still some work to be done: of this we are all well aware.  However, I can't help but feel forever grateful of the path our foremothers have set us on! ...more

I couldn't agree with you more!! You said it well! I'm so grateful for so many people who ...more