3 Tips for Safe Wax Play

According to a 2015 report released by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association, 22% of nearly 9,500 reported candle injuries in 2014 were related to thermal burns. It means that either the injuries were caused by candle flame, wax or a fire started by a candle. If getting injured by candles accidentally seems so easy, why would anyone consider playing with wax for kinkery? Well, because wax play is fun and unquestionably safe when wisely done....more
CherieDeVille Interesting, especially since they've used paraffin for years in home canning of ...more

Dear Men: Stop Skipping the Foreplay!

Dear Man With Whom I Have A Sexual Relationship, We need to talk. I know, I know, those are the four most disturbing words a woman can utter to a man and why didn't I warn you before I said that?! I can see that glazed, unfocused look starting to shadow your eyes and am well aware that you've already begun blocking the sounds coming from my mouth and are searching desperately for your happy place (Baseball, beer, Halle Berry. Baseball, beer, Halle Berry) but snap out of it! This is important. ...more
This is amazing, funny and soooo true. I guess all of our men need to go back to "foreplay class"more

Foreplay Fridays!

It’s Friiiiiidddaaaayyyyy! And you know what that means! A fun filled weekend! Well here in Chicago we’ve survived the beginning of the week where we were hit with the Polar Vortex, dangerously cold temps on top of a ton of snow. Luckily for most people here the midwest was closed! No for real, Indiana was closed....more

4 Epic Movie Kisses

I love movies. They are a magical escape from daily life into the life and mind of someone else. It's like taking a little vacation for a couple of hours. But what really makes or breaks a movie for me are the kissing scenes. It can be soft and romantic, rough and full of lust, or have another meaning altogether....more

5 Health Benefits of Kissing

It's not very often that something we love is actually good for us. Usually we are told to avoid all of our guilty pleasures because they are bad for our health and are encouraged to replace them with things that have more positive health benefits. Well, guess what is good for you AND is a lot of fun? Kissing!...more

4 Myths about Foreplay that are Ruining Your Sex Life

This month we have been focused on foreplay for two reasons. First, foreplay is a critical component of sex. Not only does it increase the level of intimacy between you and your partner, it also builds sexual tension. Stimulation during foreplay raises arousal levels and encourages a woman’s natural lubrication in preparation for sex.  Read more...more

4 Foreplay Tricks He Will Love

We recently talked about what kind of foreplay women like; now let's talk about turning up the heat for our men. Men and women are different in many areas, including foreplay. While we may both get turned on by some of the same things, the finer points can vary. So what do men like? Here are 4 awesome tips that will get your man's engine revving. Read More...more

Using Roleplay to Spice Up Your Foreplay

I think we can all agree that one of the keys to a satisfying sex life is keeping things fresh. Reusing the same old formula time and time again can really make things stale and nobody likes boring sex. Adding role play to your foreplay is a fun and easy way to spice things up. Role play only requires an imagination and a willingness to try something new. Read More......more

Unique Foreplay Ideas

Have you ever gotten stuck in a sexual rut?  Like it's the same thing every single time?  He kisses your neck, you shove your hand in his pants, he tweaks your nip, you have sex, the end.  *YAWN! Sorry, I was boring myself for a minute there.  If, you're having mind blowing orgasms every time you have sex because you have a certain way of doing things, then by all means don't stop!  But if the foreplay is becoming too predictable, then you need to deviate from the path and try something new....more

4 Fantastic Foreplay Tips | Vevetrois

With the coming of a new month it's time to explore another avenue of sex. Since my birthday is this month, we are going to talk about one of my favorite parts about sex: foreplay. Sex without foreplay is like peanut butter with no jelly. I mean, it may get the job done but your going to enjoy it a lot less....more