Acid Wash Crop Top + Suede.

It's been the summer of throwback fashion, from 70s bell sleeves<...more

Forever 21 and NBA Launch Exclusive Clothing Collection

Hoops lovers, rejoice! Forever 21 and the NBA have partnered again to help you fill your closet with Bball wear. - PJ Gach ...more

Why I'm Not Forever 21

My friend Jessica is going to take family portraits for us this weekend.  So I, of course, was on the hunt for the perfect outfit.  I've found it's easier for me to buy a really cute new outfit and then rummage around in the boys closets to find something that matches me.What?  It's true....more
Did it fall apart? That's the other thing I didn't mention... the "fine quality" of clothing ...more

Let's Rethink the Term "Like A Girl"

I thought about the following (which I first posted to my personal blog in November, and then re-upped in March) when I learned of a hurricane hunter (yes, that’s a real job) in the US Air Force Reserve named Capt. Nicole Mitchell. She flew back and forth and back and forth through Hurricane Irene a couple of weeks ago, in order to gather data as the storm was unfolding. ...more
Very well said.  Time to stop the "like a girl" insults...more

Forever 21's Maternity Line: Why it's a Fashion DO

Ah, pregnancy. That joyous time when you're growing a tiny human, blissfully preparing for his or her arrival, and ... potentially taking out a second mortgage to cover the cost of maternity clothes....more
Thanks so much for this post.  Im 16 weeks, looking more like 25 because Im carrying all in the ...more

Forever 21 and its New Maternity Line (for teens?) is Giving Me Morning Sickness

Walking past my husband’s computer screen last night, which showed a page from, I literally did a double take.  There was a photo of an in-store display at Forever 21 and an article announcing the chain’s introduction of a maternity line of “sophisticated styles for moms-to-be”.  Huh??...more

Forever 21 Launches Plus-Size Line (and Forces Model to Wear an Embarrassing Hipster Headband)

Forever 21 has announced plans to launch a line of clothes in larger sizes, which will be in stores starting May 1st. ...more

How Should a 30-Something Mom Dress?

My husband and I were strolling at The Galleria this weekend with the boys, when we passed American Eagle Outfitters. "Wanna go in?" he asked, "or are you too old?" As we peered at the ultra-slender mannequins in the window, wearing denim miniskirts and skinny jeans, I said. "No, the biggest size they sell is a 2!" And yes, I'm too old. First of all, I love American Eagle advertising because the models showing the so-called "Women's" clothes are about 16-years-old. Sorry, if your hips haven't spread, you aren't really a woman yet. ...more
i am 39 and i am truly undecided at times on what to wear...especially when the family goes out ...more