Totally Mindless

So today is the one day a week (which I haven't had in a month due to winter break and snow days) that I have no children at home for a period of 4 hours. The older kids are in school, and my 1-year-old attends a Parents Day Out program on Tuesdays. As you can imagine, I had a monstrous list of things to do today, so I of course had not a single thing on my mind....more

The Biggest Loser

My son raised his hand at the kitchen table.            “This isn’t school, sweetie,” I said. “What?”            “Why’d you give me a tiny glass with my smoothie?”            I waited till he took a swig. “Um I seem to have lost something.”            His eyes bulged. His cheeks puffed....more

Pregnancy Brain Syndrome

I have been suffering from what is known as pregnancy brain syndrome. My friend Sarah calls it "pregomentia". Based on the facts and observations available, I have come to a conclusion that the pregomentia is significantly more severe in the second pregnancy. I think if I ever made it to the third (which I will not, thanks God), I would need to delegate our cats to take care of the house, because their mental abilities would far precede mine at that point. ...more

Stress: The Final Inappropriate Frontier

Stress is a funny thing. Half the time I have no idea how stressed I actually am because I try not to pay attention to such minor details. I lecture my clients about it all the time but when it comes to myself, um...let's just say I suck at taking my own brilliant advice. ...more

Nursing school is dissolving my brain

Weird, huh?  It’s a strange phenomenon categorized by confusion, slurred speech, forgetting what you are saying when you’re mid-sentence, not knowing what day of the week it is, physically feeling like your brain is about to explode, waking up in a place that you don’t remember going to sleep in, leaving the house without something essential, or my current favorite, leaving something essential somewhere and not realizing it until hours have passed. It has become fairly routine for me to walk out of the house, lock the door, get into my car, start the car, and back out of t...more

where are my slippers?

so. i often wear slippers in the house. all year long. in the winter i pair them with cashmere socks. toasty yummy. problem is, when i take the slippers off to leave the house, Bailey, likes to take my slippers. he takes them to his couch and sits with them. often he lays on the slippers or he buries his snout inside so he can smell my stinky feet....more