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Do You Forgive Easily?

We begin learning at a young age about forgiveness. The other child or sibling that grabs something out of our hands and is made to apologize. We are taught to say, "I forgive you" back. Let's be honest, what young child that is beginning to learn cause and effect wants to forgive. Hey, having a toy yanked from you is serious business. "I'll forgive when I understand what that means exactly." As we grow older, forgiveness takes on a whole new meaning. Your best friend steals your boyfriend forgiveness? "Maybe, after you hate them for awhile!"...more

Don't Take It Personal

As an introvert, I find that I do a pretty good job separating my emotions from business and people I generally don't care about. I get paid to serve people and continue smiling as if I'm not at all a human, but a grateful lap dog appreciative for the few dollars equivalent to a processed Milk Bone treat that barely makes up my paycheck.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not disgruntled about my job or my paycheck, I actually really like my job and the customers which is why I do it. There is an opportunity to get to know the people I meet and eventually care more for them....more

The Thing About Forgiveness


Forgive and You Shall Be Forgiven


Crosspost: Forgiving, Forgetting, and Faking It

Image SourceA wise person once told me that there was an invisible line in every relationship.  I'm not talking about just romantic relationships.  The invisible line theory applies to all types of relationships.  You can forgive, forget, or fake forgiveness or forgetting, but once you've gone "there" and crossed that invisible line, there is no coming back....more


Being Gracious I've been hurt, I've been ignored, mistreated, abused, laughed at, made fun of, unappreciated... By people in this world.When these things happen to us and we feel "wronged" our first reaction is usuallyget angryget evenhold a grudgebe mean/hateful backI've been guilty of this. Lately I have been feeling "FED UP". That point where you are just out of things to say, do, or be....more

I hate my mother (but I forgive her)

When a mother abuses her power the consequences can be devastating. Some people never get over the impact that their mother had on them. They are consumed by mother hate.A mother can devastate us with a word, a look, or even an inferred comment and a sigh. She can provoke guilt by the subtle use of her power because she knows which buttons to press....more

Sunday at my Church

The Sermon Title: A Forgiveness Beyond Compare...more


So this whole ‘return of the ex’ situation has really got me thinking about the word FORGIVENESS. I have been trying to work out in my mind whether or not I forgive him for hurting me....more