Flowing in Awen ~ Runecasting for 31 Dec 2016

 2016 began well enough. I published my first book and my herbal coursework was proceeding nicely. I completed the herb course early in the year and went on to publish three more books, the last one, Empath, just the other day. As I write this, I’m awaiting proofs for the paperback copy....more

Learning to Let Go is the Hardest Thing to Do

This month I talk about GRIEVING and how it is an important part of letting go and moving on.Grieving...more

To the Person Who Stole My Bag

With my phone and credit card and keys.You cost me more than the $5 in cash that was in my bag. Thankfully, the credit card company did not hold me responsible for your $5 charge at Ralphs supermarket and, I later learned, $267 charge at Walgreens, but I still had to get a new phone and change my locks.You also cost me a lot of mental stress. But, that's not difficult to do for a neurotic writer....more
FernRonay He had his phone & rental car keys on him as he walked along beach talking with me ...more

Intention and Forgiveness

When my teenager snaps back at me, I know it wasn’t his intention to slap me with his words, so I forgive him. When my husband is late time and time again or when he walks away without telling me where he’s going even though I've asked him to communicate for 11 years, I know it wasn’t his intention to say, “Fuck you” with his actions, so I forgive him. ...more

The Incredible Power in Forgiving Yourself

I’ve been away a bit. From my blog ... not from jackassery, believe me. I needed to work some things out. About forgiveness. Embracing forgiveness. I couldn’t really write until I got it all squared away. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. Here we go: ...more
Thank you for posting it. :)more

I'm Not Good at Forgiveness

I haven’t reached a ripe age of maturity yet. My proof? I still have yet to master the art of forgiveness. ...more

Responding to Anger

Some people have such wise minds and tranquil spirits that they remain calm and forgiving no matter what the provocation. I'm not like that. Most of us aren't. When someone insults, inconveniences, disappoints, betrays, or annoys us, we tend to get angry. ...more

Addiction and Forgiveness

Coming from a family of Irish descendants, alcoholism is a common theme. Many aunts, uncles, and cousins have struggled with The Drink. Most are functioning alcoholics, able to hold respectable jobs and care for their families while consuming a case of beer every night between quitting time and The Late Show.Others have watched their lives, and families, fall apart....more
J-MOM I know it's hard. Believe me. But I think it was Buddha who said that holding on to anger ...more

Forgiveness: My Sons' Painful Journey to Freedom

He was told he had two years to live, longer if he quit drinking. He didn’t quit. My ex-husband, Doug, decided that if he was going to die, he was going to do it his way and to hell with anyone that disagreed. This was nothing new, he was an alcoholic who thought only of himself. He had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitis C....more