What I Learned From A Decade of Being Away From Home

The other night, I dreamt I was back in the Philippines, visiting.  I was walking in the same halls I used to walk when I taught in University.  There were the usual groups of students seated on the floor, by their professor's door, waiting for consultation hours to begin.  It was the same dimly-lit and almost claustrophobic faculty center which I used to call my office building.  It was far from being ideal, but it was home to me, and represented a job I loved and truly enjoyed....more

On Throwing Stones, Flinging Arrows, and Wrecking Trains.

Yesterday I learned about an old acquaintance who is, to put it mildly, going through some things. These "things" are bad. Really bad. And they are a direct result of some really bad choices. Did I mention bad? There's no way around it. And there is no way to justify it. Tracie, one of my best friends since we met in third grade, had this to say about the train wreck that is our old acquaintance's life at the moment: ...more

Being One's Self

The one blog I followed "Vagabond Journeys" is no longer as the man who wrote it died last summer. However, I still remember an entry he wrote that hit close to home and I go back to it from time to time. It's about forgiveness and forgiving one's self. As I sit here this morning snarled up with self-loathing and worries about my future financial status, I realize that it's all just trash that gets in the way of what I have truly put myself upon a path to do: that is to create in both written form and artistic form....more


APOLOGIES and FORGIVENESS…… I always say “Forgiveness is a Way of Life” for me……..That I forgive before even what was done was done…….That doesn’t mean I accept what happened in all circumstances or even allow that person back into my life…..It simply means I forgive as a lifestyle……I don’t like carrying around excess weight....more

Meet Hate with Kindess and Understanding

 I love Brene Brown. She encourages people to be vulnerable because it allows us to develop deeper relationships and to feel both positive and negative emotions more fully....more

A Few Measly Days, Of My 38 Years

..."To them, the complete sum of my parts is only calculated by a few measly days, compared to my 38 years." - excerpt taken from 7 Seconds in a Restaurant ...more

Sometimes , Do we Forgive too Easily?

I forgive easily.In fact, those who know me, have come to accept that whatever has been a wrong will soon be a right and all will be forgiven.I grew to appreciate this trait I had. This ability to process, vent, maybe even yell, and let it go. I have been a witness to myself forgive the nastiest of people or address the nastiest of people, only to release it and let it go. But, lately I have been pissed. I have been holding onto some pain and hurt and I have allowed it to fester into a pool of mugstank soup....more

Honoring My Dad A Year After His Suicide

A friend told me that when she was growing up her mother would dial her ex-husband’s number and as soon as she heard him pick up, she’d hold the phone out and tell her daughter, “Your dad’s on the phone.” Whatever hurt or anger she felt towards him, she still wanted her daughter to have a good relationship with him. I wish I had thought to do something like that for my kids with my father. He knew about them because he’d found photos of them online....more

All is Grace

  She hates me. I mean she really really hates me. I sense her frustration and restlessness when were forced to be in the same room. I see her through the corner of my eye watching me, waiting for me to trip or hiccup so she can let me know that she saw it. If my spirit is open and freely laughing she swings down the hammer with cruel words to paralize me in that moment. I have been told on several encounters, "you need to stand up for yourself, you need to say something" but I cant....more


It was an accident.Still, in a bout of silliness, my little man threw his head back with quite a force and hit my chin.   And then he giggled.It's hard when your child hurts you, accidental or otherwise, to deal with the physical and emotional response in a proper way.  (I often find myself wishing for a pause button so I can rant and grumble a few non-toddler approved words or reactions without an audience.)With my best effort at composure, I took a deep breath and swallowed the physical pain....more