The Crisper of Hate--Forgiveness

My ex-boyfriend used to call me "Satan Claus" (see left) because of my ability to hold a grudge. Oh, believe me, I knew who'd been naughty and I KEPT A LIST, MISTER. ...more

My childhood affected my future

I am so excited about getting this thats been weighing on my heart for so long, I can't wait to just know how God will use this to help me. I will start from the begining, this story is like many that are kept in secret and never revealed. It hold deep and very dark confessions that I think I was the only one to struggle with and I hope to find light at the end of this dark tunnel that has held me captive ever since I can remember. ...more

Deception and Forgiveness

No matter what kind of relationship people think they have there is always room for deception. Its covert nature allows it to remain undetected possibly for years, until such time as the senses are tweaked or a mistake is made and the cover is blown. You read about it, watch shows about it, even hear about it within your own social circle. Everyone is likely to know someone that at one time or another was deceived by their spouse or partner. The reasons are many for this behaviour, the most common and succinct reasons for lying, after researching this topic were the following: ...more

My Evolving Thoughts on Infidelity and Forgiveness

It was simple when I was younger. Infidelity was unforgivable. The only appropriate reaction to infidelity, under absolutely any circumstances, was to walk away from the relationship. Clearly. And particularly if one had children. Because I knew that people stayed in marriages "for the children," and I thought that made no sense at all. Better to be an example by standing up for how people should treat each other. Better to dissolve the marriage rather than risk teaching a child to cheat or be cheated on. Then, the first two ripples came to my thinking. ...more
@Bill Cammack Wow. Interesting thoughts. My husband cheated on me and we blog about it and other ...more

All about forgiving

Good Morning to all .In Matthew 18:22 to 35 Jesus tells us about the parable of the king who required settlement of debt from his servants. The one servant owed him a lot of money but could not pay. ...more

Happy is as Happy Does: Kick Roadblocks to the Curb

This is my third post on happiness, if I don't count posts that alluded to maintaining that happy feeling. All this introspection is killing me, but I'm one of those people who thinks the universe has something to teach us. So, when I consistently get the same request, to write on a certain topic, visit a certain place, pay attention to a certain person, I think perhaps I should fulfill that request. ...more

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The One I Always Looked For and Finally Found

I had to find a way to communicate with you without emotion involved.  It seems no matter what I say or do, the distance and written communcations between us only build anger and mistrust. So I am just going to say what is on my mind and see where it leads us... ...more

Dear Heart, It's Me.

Dear Heart, Hi. It’s me. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write. It’s not really that work has been that crazy or that there is too much going on. I’ve simply been avoiding you. There – I finally said it. I guess you’re wondering why or what you did. I wish it were easier to explain but sometimes it just hurts too much to look at you. It reminds me of those commercials about adopting a child for 30 cents a day. You want to do right by their sweet hopeful faces but it seems nothing I could give would ever be enough. ...more

One Time Offer

I write in the mornings, and most days when I wake up there is a vague direction for the morning’s writing sitting in my chest. I follow it and see what happens.  Today I woke up with such love for you in my heart, and a very simple message: I want you to treat yourself with the kindness you deserve. I want you to walk with yourself in love. ...more

Forgiveness is a choice not a feeling

Forgiveness is a choice not a feeling We have all had people in our lives that have pissed us off. The trouble is if years later we still haven’t forgiven them and moved on, it eats away at us – not them. If you can’t forgive a person they still have control over you. Forgiveness is a choice not a feeling. ...more