Dear God, I Still Don't Know!

I came across some notes I had scribbled when I was in grade Vll. I found this.   Dear God, You are weird. I don’t get you. You don’t add up. You are the Controller of the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain. You are manifested in the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain. You are the earth, the fire, the wind and the rain You have laws that we mortals should live by, but You make and break them at will....more

Forgiveness and Why You Shouldn’t Hold A Grudge

“What they did was unforgivable”…..”They have to apologize first”…..”They ruined my life”…… Do any of these statements sound familiar as words you’ve once uttered?   My blog today is about the power of forgiveness, a force so strong that it will release the negative energy that weighs you down and leave you feeling lighter and freer.  Forgiveness is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself and I am going to explain to you why....more

Rejoice in This

It all started when I stepped onto the pier after enjoying a blissful sailboat cruise with our daughter, Joy.  The edge of the night sky was still pink from an enduring sunset.  The air was cool, but not chilly, at some unknown, yet perfect temperature.  My husband was in his glory, snapping photos of the all that is life around us.  And Joy looked more beautiful and content than ever, hand in hand with her adoring husband, and wonderfully pregnant.  ...more

Forgive and Move On

Why Is It Important To Forgive and Move On?Hurt and heartbreak are as much a part of life as love and joy are. Life introduces us to several people; some of them make our lives far more beautiful, while others knowingly or unknowingly break our hearts and leave us hurting. With time the hurt may diminish, but the resentment often stays.The Futility of Holding on to Resentment...more

"Welcome to the Black Parade"

The Beast.  The Monster.  The Idiot.  Yes, folks, I'm writing about my dog Roo again.  He's in big trouble today.  Aside from his usual antics of barking at nothing and shedding to spite me...more

Ummm . . . cute back when he was little, or cute now that he's a monster?  Haha, ...more

Eighth Day of Awe: Communication


The Seventh Day of Awe: Honesty


Guilt is a mean little animal with bad teeth

There are two kinds of guilt -- the first flares up quickly when we really have done something wrong, and then turns into a feeling of responsibility with an attached action plan. The second kind of guilt is the nagging, relentless, gluey thing that haunts us at night, drags us down, and in some area of our living denies us fullness of life. ...more

You are so right that unless some balance is found, guilt will "eat you alive". I'm glad you ...more

Is There Someone You Need to Forgive?

"Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave." --Indira Gandhi As I approach my 40th birthday, I've been thinking a lot about the past before I move into a new middle aged (good heavens!) present. As is the case anytime you reflect on the past, there are going to be memories of people who hurt you, of people you hurt, and of times you hurt yourself. Considering forgiving someone, asking for forgiveness, or even forgiving yourself can make you feel vulnerable and scared, but consider the benefits: ...more

Wilma - I liked a passage from the Mayo clinic article I linked to above, that might ...more

Making a difference

How do I live with abuse? I will never forget where I have been and what I have left behind. Most of my life was controlled by abuse. From being raped as a child to being controlled and abused by the man I married. I was forty when I took my STAND, when I confronted the man who raped me as a child and divorced the asshole I married. What took me so long? ...more