Margaret & Donovan's Sotry

Margaret & Donovan’s Storyby Margaret Kite(Response by Katie below)I thought it would be “natural.”  Maybe painful or uncomfortable at first, maybe inconvenient at times, but I never doubted that it would work. I never doubted that I would breastfeed my baby. I wouldn’t be one of those moms who quit because it was hard.  I would do it because that’s what was best for my baby  – it says so everywhere....more

Make sure you toddler is eating right

My son isn't a toddler, but for any mom who has one, you'll find this information exrtremely helpful.As children transition to table foods, learning how to get well-balanced nutrition is extremely important for healthy growth and development.Award winning pediatrician and bestselling author Dr. Scott Cohen shares some advice when it comes to healthy options for your toddler....more

Formula "Goody" Bags

I've written before about doctors and hospitals giving out bags supplied by formula manufacturers, specifically here and here....more

Banning Formula will Promote Breastfeeding - FALSE

I am furious.  ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. Why? I'll tell you why - Mayor Bloomberg has an initiative to ban formula (or hide it, or something) to force mothers to breastfeed their babies. I am a lactivist, I have said this before, I love breastfeeding, I advocate for it, I support all mother's that choose to give that to their kids. Key word in there: choose. ...more

Breastfeeding natural? Um, no not so much.

*Please note that I am not for or against breast feeding. I am not for or against formula. I am FOR a Happy, relaxed, Mom. ...more

Not Every Mother Can Breastfeed But All Parents Can Bond!

On April 18, 2012, I posted a blog on about breastfeeding titled:  Not Every Mother Can Breastfeed, But All Parents Can Bond.  With all the discussion about breastfeeding, prompted by the recent Time Magazine cover showing a rather grown toddler breastfeeding, I thought I would share the ModernMom post on  I copied part of the post below, the whole article can be found on ModernMom using the link at the bottom of the page:...more
It was hard especially on my first baby and even second one simply I didn't produce enough for ...more

Breastfeeding: better for mothers

While most new and expecting mothers may know that breastfeeding has many benefits for babies, they may not understand just how many ways that breastfeeding helps women. A woman who nurses her baby is not only providing her child with the best possible chance at lifelong good health, she's ensuring her own health as well. Research shows that women who choose to breastfeed will actually reduce their risk for quite a few illnesses and diseases....more

When breast isn't best

During my second pregnancy I saw the slogans everywhere: "BREAST IS BEST," was proclaimed on lanyards, posters, in newspapers, on blogs and in books. I hadn't really noticed this with my first pregnancy. Back then I had every intention of fully breastfeeding. Formula wasn't even on my radar. By my second pregnancy I knew better. I understood that the genetic lottery had dealt me a bad hand....more

I asked nicely, now leave me alone.....

When you see me shouting at my children just because I am having a rubbish day feel free to tell me to calm down. When you see me bribe my children with chocolate feel free to suggest better ways to get them to behave well and play nicely. When you see me "forget" to get the kids to brush their teeth at night-time because I have had enough and the bottle in the fridge is calling To read more please go to:…leave-me-alone/...more

Feeding babies for the Win

I had the honor of guest blogging for Fearless Formula Feeder today about my decision to formula feed.  It was a tough decision, never once made easier by societal pressures, but I'm glad I did it, and I hope my story can help others who feel down on themselves. __ It’s 3 p.m.  My month-old twins are crying, but they are so tiny - their lungs so weak - that their little cries sound like a few quiet ducks quacking in the distance.  They are hungry, of course.  They are always hungry.  Fo...more