Formula vs Breast??? My Thoughts


Breast or Bottle? When Things Don't Go as Planned

I always wanted to breastfeed, although I'm not sure why. I wasn't breastfed, nor my was my mother or grandmother, so it wasn't something I'd ever seen or heard about in my own family. I just knew, long before my husband and I decided to conceive our first child, that I wanted to breastfeed. ...more

Thrush. Then mastitis. Thrush was worse for me, with pain shooting all the way down to my ...more

Why You Won't See A Post Pushing Breastfeeding from Me This Week, or Any Week

I just commented on this, but I feel it's important enough to write a post about. ...more

For me and my son (11 months, still nursing) was never being allowed to tell others, especially ...more

Optimal Digestion for Optimal Health: Fermented Foods and Bitter Herbs

This will be the first of many blogs that will look at the issue at the root of countless diseases and disorders in American adults and children: digestion. ...more