Do You Want More Blog Traffic

Do you want more traffic?If you are writing blog posts on a regular basis, then I am going to  assume the answer is yes.  So how do you do that?  Start with the basics. Before we look at new solutions, let’s make sure you have the basics:...more

Forums: Helpers or -icks?

 I love forums. They are my digital lifeline. Nearly all helpers in forums are intelligent, experienced, helpful, patient, and likable. Not to mention beneficent for taking time out daily to lead the blind. These forum gods and goddesses are the kind of people us newbies worship more than celebs. ...more
@Shannon Wright Great! You'll find that the 99% (no pun intended ; - > ) are wonderful, helpful ...more

Where's My Tool Belt?

Last week, the fridge side of my side by side refrigerator stopped cooling.  My hubby spent a couple of days unplugging and plugging it in to reset the thermostat.  Finally, faced with the possibility of having to spend over a thousand dollars to replace it...I took action.First, I found the model number.  Then I went online and found the owner's manual for the fridge.  Printing out the troubleshooting pages, I did everything it said to do.  No result.  Hubby still unplugging.  Crap!!...more

Message Boards: Helpful or Harmful?

I used to work as a Substance Abuse Counselor and facilitated many many many group meetings where I saw shared experiences helping all the people present. There's no way to deny that support from people who have shared a common struggle can help each other. The flip side of that is: It can also make you act like a wussy whiny pants. Support Group-modeled message boards, friends. That's what I'm talking about today. ...more
I completely agree! Well said:)more

What makes a productive community?

After listening to a TED Talk by Jane McGonigal I finally found the inspiration to write down what I think a healthy community website should look like. The communities I participate in are HItRecord and BlogHer. These communities work. [You could count Facebook and Twitter on there, but I would categorize those as more social networking, and you’ll see why in a minute.] These two sites have four common traits 1. Users must register to commennt ...more

Wish I'd read about Gordon-Levitt in your post before I went to SXSW. I would have made a point ...more

Internet Influencers Win an Epic Golden Globe

Tina Fey scored another award for her brilliant baby 30 Rock: a new Golden Globe award last night for Best Performance by an Actress.  Her acceptance speech was fabulous.  Heartfelt and funny just as you would expect, but mostly fabulous because she gave props to the power of Internet publishing. Tina's acceptance speech began by acknowledging that she knows she has been fortunate to have an exceptional year and is grateful for the reception her work has received. ...more

You know, I have to admit that, given the chance to stand in a room full of every camera in ...more

Anonymity on the Web? Not so much.

We may know more about you than you think. While there are those who are savvy enough to not leave behind a trail of cookies or identifiable IP addresses as they traverse the Web, most aren’t that careful or organized. Some may attempt to be anonymous online to surf adult sites to avoid dirty looks from loved ones, to upload music, movies or other files illegally obtained, or to have the ability to lash out at someone behind a username. ...more

Web 2.0 ~ Off Roading From Social Networking Forums That Are Stuck in a Time Warp

  I’m going to make a few interesting observations on Social Networking Forums and Web 2.0 here. While I don’t purport to be an expert, I have seen a change in direction from when I first started blogging. ...more

Hot Flashing Again ~ So You Think Various Mom Forums Are A Good Thing?

    Don’t be alarmed! I’ve felt that one of my banners needed an “attitude adjustment” and therefore I did a little redecorating and replacement with this one such renegade banner! It’s that time again, where I’m going off on a tangent.  Hot Flashing about whatever gets my dander up.  I’m providing this service to all the Moms out there and sharing my experiences in the e-commerce world. ...more

The Forgotten Forum Introduction - Why It’s Important to Let Everyone Know Who You Are!

In my WAHM tips, I frequently speak of how I belong to many social networking sites and forums. I’m a Moderator on eBay Coach Free Forum, and always send out an introductory ‘Welcome to the Group’ e-mail. In it, I ask that the first stop be the “Introduction” thread…to give a little bit of background about one’s self, and how they found the forum. ...more