How parents (physically) change the shape of their child's brain

I heard (part of) this fascating segment on NPR this morning about orphans' brains and how parents physically shape their child's brain.You've probably heard the stories from the 1980 and 1990s about the Romanian orphanages and how there were so many children that the nurses barely had time to hold them all. In fact, some children were left in cribs for days. In this segment, they talked about how that lack of attention can actually damage a child's brain - specifically reduced gray and white matter. These children's brains were actually smaller from lack of attention....more
Its really important when it comes to nurturing a child in an early age. The child mind is most ...more

6 Practical Strategies to Improve Avoidant Attachment

Attachment is the reciprocal energy and unspoken dynamic in a relationship between a parent and child. Available, consistent, and sensitive caregiving forms healthy, secure attachments while inconsistent, insensitive and unavailable caregiving forms insecure or dysfunctional attachments. There is one secure style: secure, and three insecure styles: ambivalent, avoidant, and disorganized.  ...more

Adoption Tuesday

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Wow. It has been wayyyyy too long since I have advocated for any kids in need of adoptive homes, or discussed adoption issues....more

Adoption Tuesday

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Raise Me Up - Tribute To Kids & Foster Care...more

The black box of foster to adoption in Australia.

It’s National Adoption Awareness Month in the U.S., and Penny from Foster2Forever is hosting a blog hop for people to share their adoption stories.  She asks that contributors keep their posts down to 500 words but regular readers will know that’s just not possible for me.  So apologies in advance if you’re visiting from the blog hop and you don’t like long posts!...more

To foster or NOT to foster

That is the question hanging around my house for the past few days.I volunteer with an animal rescue, I am a foster mom, I sorta fell into it one day when my daughter and her friend found a momma dog and her puppy on the walk to school, she was huddled near a house shivering, almost completely bald. I did not find out about the dog and the puppy until after school, they ran in and told me, and the dog was still there. So we went out and low and behold there she was....more

Well I got my hopes up for nothing!

Playing phone tag with the owner, her not calling ...more