Being A Foster Kid: There is Hope

     My husband and I had to go through training to be foster parents.  120 hours of information on how to deal with Child Protective Services and licensing agencies, first aid and CPR, and learning about some of the things that we could expect to encounter being foster parents.  While this was a major commitment for us because we had three kids who had to be babysat every Saturday for quite some time, it in no way prepared us for what was to come.  It was just the beginning....more

Tips from a former adoption worker

For a little over two years I worked as an adoption prep worker, which means I prepared children for adoption, selected homes for children waiting for adoption, monitored adoptive placements, and really had to get to know my children so that I could find appropriate homes for them. This work for me was very stressful because families can often look like a good fit and then for some reason the placement disrupts or breaks down....more

All Children Deserve a Family

An interesting side effect of publishing my memoir is the number of people I have encountered who tell me about their own adoptions.  People I have known or worked with for years have connections to adoption that I never knew about. Learning about their experiences is another gift I have received after adopting my own daughter....more

Introducing Socks for Smiles

My daughter revealed something huge when we were back to school shopping last year. I let her pick out socks from the big end cap at Target where they are sold in single pairs. This was her first time picking socks from the adult section. Her feet grew from a kid's 2 to a woman's 8 in the 15 months she had been my daughter.She was so excited to pick out socks! She thanked me profusely.She said, "I only had white socks when I was in foster care. I love it that you never buy me plain old white socks. I hate them."...more