Two Weeks

It's the night before my first (legal and official) Mother's Day, and I am overwhelmed with two feelings: love and guilt.  ...more

The Heartbeat, The Challenge, The Forever

I. The Heartbeat (December 2013)I am supposed to be on a massage table right now, but instead I am stuck in snarling, creeping, bumper to bumper, relentless traffic on the interstate. Right now, someone is supposed to be kneading their elbow into my lumpy, tense, needy shoulder muscles. Instead, I am sputtering near-silent curses under my breath as a minivan attempts to creep the entirety of itself into the four foot opening I’ve left between my car and the car in front of me....more

The Waiting

THE WAITINGOur adoption was finalized two days ago....more

Birthday Redo: Why We Repeated Our Daughter's First 9 Birthdays

She was sobbing that she wished she was only six one morning and an idea popped into my head. We missed out on her first nine birthdays. Her tenth birthday was the first one we were part of and it was the first birthday party she’d ever had. I decided to redo all of the others. ...more
What an awesome idea!!! I wish I had thought of that when our kids came to us. Ironically our ...more

Why My Daughter's Messy Room Isn't Important

My darling daughter  has a really hard time picking up after herself.  She’ll pleasantly spend hours cleaning and organizing the kitchen, including “polishing” the stainless steel garbage can, but can’t tackle her own spaces in the same way.She joined our family three years ago when we adopted her from the foster care system.  She was nine-years-old and had suffered significant trauma....more
Love the way you handled this, This is a lesson she will remember forever.more

How Many Chances Do You Get?

What's fair, do you think? One chance? Two? Three strikes and you're out? Say you're a mom who left your five-year old and six-month old baby alone so you could score some heroin on the corner. Should you get another chance? You're addicted, after all, so that has to cloud your judgment. Other than being a heroin addict and occasionally leaving your kids alone for a little while, you're not a bad mother. Should the kids be removed by the child welfare officials? Should your babies go live with a foster family?...more

Who Does Your Son's Hair?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ~ Benjamin FranklinLike most mothers who are expecting, adoptive parents spend a lot of time preparing themselves for their new son or daughter. They read books, blogs, magazines, take classes, talk to other adoptive parents, you name it. Some adoptive parents try to cover not only the basics of child care, but also a whole range of posibilities; a child with special needs, a child of a different race, a child with trauma. ...more

A Letter to Our Child: You Were Not Our Second Choice

You were always part of our family plan. And as life has probably already taught you, life takes our “plans” and laughs at them. We are thrown challenges, changes, and so many curve-balls. Our well thought out plans become nothing but memories. Things that we believe to be true are not. Things that seem easy can become so very hard. Life is like that....more

Foster Care to Adoption: A Journey


Hold That Baby Close - Even If She's in Middle School!

Research shows that babies sleep best on the chest of their mommy. The sounds (heartbeat, breath, etc.), warmth, feel and scent of Mommy helps them feel safe....more