Fostering Dreams: From Foster Care to Changing Lives

Oneof the most inspirational interview that we have ever done....more


My number one son started preschool on Monday!!!!I can't believe it, either.He put on his snazzy back-to-school duds (click to view photo). And then he put on his snazzy back-to-school sweater, his lucky red baseball cap, and his brand-new backpack (click to see my little charmer in action).  Yes, he knows EXACTLY how cute he is....more
She's worried. She's wondering if she made the wrong career choice, and whether it's too late ...more

The Boy

Once upon a time, there was a Boy.  His hair was a little too long, and had obviously been cut at home with kitchen shears.  His clothes were too big, too small, too tight, worn through, and badly stained.  He was thin.  Painfully thin.  He had powerful food aversions.  Issues with food textures.  Chronic gastrointestinal problems.  He had only ever eaten foods that were refined, sweetened, purchased in packages and served by his older brother....more
@DesiValentine4 There can be so many road blocks that can get in the way. It has taken my friend ...more

Why I Adopted from Foster Care ... And Why I'd Do it All Again

People often ask me why I decided to adopt from foster care. As with so many things in life, there is no one simple answer. My husband and I had a desire to grow our family and a vague awareness that there was a need for parents to adopt older children, who are considered difficult to place compared to infants and toddlers....more
I could not agree with you more Rebecca! I support all kinds of adoption but foster care is ...more

My FREE Gift to you from Family by Design!

My FREE Gift to you!...more

Family by Design ~ New Blog Site!

  Glad to be part of BlogHer! We have changed the location of our blog but we will still bring you the best information and inspiration on adoption, adoptive parenting and foster care! You will also get updates on all the great and inspiring guests that will appear on Family by Design Radio each month....more

Do I Actually Advocate Something Other Than Adoption? No … and Yes.

I was recently asked the following question on Twitter: “You seem to advocate more communal care of children than adoption per se. Isn't there a big difference between the two?” It’s a good question, but don’t think I can answer it in 140 characters, so I’ve decided to address the matter here. ...more

Never Say 'Never!' To Getting Involved

Sometimes, trying to convince oneself is not so convincing. Saying "Never!" to a situation may change that "Never!" into exactly what happens next. Whatever the timeline, this scenario will surely come your way. 'I will never be friends with her. I will never be a vegetarian. I will never work for someone I don't like.' Yeah, nice try.  One of my “never’s” was to not participate in overseas missionary type work. No, thanks. I will write you a check and yes, please put me on your prayer email thingy but I do enough here in my hometown - for my Church, Children, and Charities....more

Thank you so much for your comments.... its confirming to have others feel the same perspective, ...more

Playing Politics at the Expense of Children

File this one under cheap election year politics (even if it’s not quite election year, the gentlemen have started their engines). Arizona has passed a new law directing child welfare professionals to favor married couples over singles or unmarried couples (code for same-sex couples, really) in child placement decisions whether adoption or foster care, "if all other factors are equal." ...more

My BFF lives in Tucson, Nancy and it's so beautiful and evocative, I have set major parts of ...more

How A Scary Looking Kid Helped Me Get My Head Screwed On Straight

The first night I met him, he glared at me then leaned back a ways before slamming his head down on to the table. That thud of skull connecting with wood was so hard it made the walls shake and the windows rattle. I choked a bit on my heart, and my stomach churned with that nauseous fear that comes when everything is wrong. Very, very wrong. What were we doing with this kid in our home?...more