Cry to Heaven

Have you ever read that book?  It was one of Anne Rice's earlier novels.  Historical fiction so well researched, so lushly written, that it read as life.  As fact.  I read it as a teenager, during my semi-goth phase, when all things supernatural and all things sex were wicked and fascinating and so much more interesting than my boring, tedious, limited life.  Cry to Heaven is the title because the characters are Italian Catholic and that is what one does when everything hurts....more
Thanks, Virginia. I'm not very good at taking at easy, but I'm trying! I think my Mum is using ...more

Foster Children in Florida Finally Get Forever Families

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting a surge in petitions for adoption by gay and lesbian foster parents in the past year. There is nothing surprising about this. For many years, the Florida foster system has been happy to place children in gay and lesbian homes while denying permanency to the children placed there, by banning gay adoption. Advocates for children in the public system have long bemoaned the ban, which has kept children in the state’s care when the expense and burden of this might have been passed onto enthusiastic, loving parents....more
It's about time! So sad that waiting children have been denied families. I'm guessing the ...more


When your mother has been accused of doing a horrible thing, something changes inside of you.  You become less willing to trust, immediately more myopic, resistant to joy, and hobbled by your own white-knuckled rage.Things like this CANNOT happen to good people.But, they do....more

Unfinished Business

He did it.This Boy who screamed and clawed, slashed and kicked, burned and threatened and then begged to be held.  This Boy whose biological mother gave him nothing.  And who fought every day to get back to her....more

Liscensure: Entrance into the Wild World of Foster Care

Getting licensed is the only way into the wild world of foster parenting.  The entrance is gated by the process.  And the process looks vastly different depending on which side of this entrance you are on.    Standing on the outside, you wonder why any of this training is necessary, why your life is an open book t...more

Fostering Dreams: From Foster Care to Changing Lives

Oneof the most inspirational interview that we have ever done....more


My number one son started preschool on Monday!!!!I can't believe it, either.He put on his snazzy back-to-school duds (click to view photo). And then he put on his snazzy back-to-school sweater, his lucky red baseball cap, and his brand-new backpack (click to see my little charmer in action).  Yes, he knows EXACTLY how cute he is....more
She's worried. She's wondering if she made the wrong career choice, and whether it's too late ...more

The Boy

Once upon a time, there was a Boy.  His hair was a little too long, and had obviously been cut at home with kitchen shears.  His clothes were too big, too small, too tight, worn through, and badly stained.  He was thin.  Painfully thin.  He had powerful food aversions.  Issues with food textures.  Chronic gastrointestinal problems.  He had only ever eaten foods that were refined, sweetened, purchased in packages and served by his older brother....more
@DesiValentine4 There can be so many road blocks that can get in the way. It has taken my friend ...more

Why I Adopted from Foster Care ... And Why I'd Do it All Again

People often ask me why I decided to adopt from foster care. As with so many things in life, there is no one simple answer. My husband and I had a desire to grow our family and a vague awareness that there was a need for parents to adopt older children, who are considered difficult to place compared to infants and toddlers....more
I could not agree with you more Rebecca! I support all kinds of adoption but foster care is ...more

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