Our Meeting with DHR

Today we had a meeting at Jefferson County DHR with an adoption social worker. She actually shares her office with our daughter's former social worker. We went down to discuss a possible placement. She told us all about this little girl named Laila. She is 5 years old and has had multiple placements. She is currently in a foster placement that is not a very good match. The foster parents do not want to adopt her. From what I can tell they seem to think a 5 year old should act like a little adult. As you can imagine, that's not working out for them....more

A Visit with Babygirl's Foster Family

Tonight was our first visit with our daughter's previous foster family. In the adoption classes you take in order to adopt from foster care you are encouraged to maintain a bond between your child and her foster family. This is to build trust and ensure there is an abundance of people to love your child. We definitely wanted to do that for our little girl....more

The Call......Again!

In May of 2009, I recieved a call that would change my life forever. It was the call that my social worker had found a child that matched our family profile. It was the call that led to the adoption of my daughter, Elizabeth. I will never forget that day. I was at my son's karate lesson when I got "the call". Yesterday I got another call. This time our social worker was calling to tell us she had matched another child to our family profile. We go early next week to a full disclosure meeting....more

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself!

Since I am new to BlogHer, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Melissa. I am a wife and mother from Birmingham, Alabama. My family was formed through birth and adoption through foster care. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and try my best to reflect that in my lifestyle. I don't want to write a blog to show how great of a mom I am because I mess up all the time. I mainly wanted to start a blog to give people a realistic view of foster adoption. I noticed that there are tons of adoption blogs but so few of them deal with adoption through foster care....more

Coats For Kids Drive in Long Island NY

  Did you step outside today? If you live in New York you would have felt a significant drop in temperature.  It was about 16 degrees. Brr! Yes, it is blistering cold.  I am complaining about the weather, too. But for me it is temporary, soon enough I will be in a warm car or house.  I am thankful that I have a roof over my head in all weather conditions....more


There comes a point for every woman, after months and months of trying to get pregnant without success, when she begins contemplating alternatives.  Either this is by the prompting of her own will, or the casual suggestions of others about different roads toward parenthood.   I would imagine that many women have mixed feelings about these thoughts.  On the one hand, alternatives offer a proactive antidote to the grief of waiting, and the wear and tear of infertility.  But on the other hand, pursuing them means letting go of pregnancy, childbirth and biological children. ...more

Kentucky Discriminates against Singles: Bill 68

I'm SEEING RED. KY has before it Senate Bill 68 that would make it so that any person who wants to adopt or foster a child while co-habitating with someone they aren't "legally married to and sexually involved with" ILLEGAL. (not that i'm co-habitating with anyone... and i'm fully hetero, but what's next? NO Singles allowed to adopt at all???) This is what it says: ...more

Kentucky Discriminates against Singles : Senate Bill 68

Senate Bill 68: 'Kids Lose Homes, Kentuckians Lose Millions Act' OMG,I'm SEEING RED. KY has senate bill 68 that would make it so that any person co-habitating with someone they aren't "legally married to ILLEGAL. (not that i'm co-habitating with anyone... and i'm fully hetero, but what's next? NO Singles allowed to adopt at all???) ...more

Fostering Parenthood

I was always against it.  Firmly so.  Foster care would do nothing but break my heart and leave me out in the cold - I just knew it.  So why am I becoming a licensed foster care provider and getting my house ready to have two foster children at any given time?  It all started on February 29, 2008.  We had been waiting on the results of the semen analysis since February 25 and I have to admit we were not waiting patiently.  I had been out for the day and called home to let Mark know that I was going to go visit my grandma.  ...more

This line "We're parents who have yet to find children." is just so damn true for ...more

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