Adoption: Call #1 About a Child

Hello!We just got our first call about a child and are supposed to set a time to meet with her therapist and case worker next week to ask all the questions we can possibly come up with before being introduced to her. She is several years older than our age range, but I've been keeping track of her for months (6-7 at least) and was super excited to put in an inquiry about her last week.Aside from the few questions I've been mulling over, I really need your help. What questions should we ask?...more

Pet vs Person

There is this concerning issue that keeps being brought to my attention. Clearly it needs to be shared. For many months now, the topic of adopted pets and adopted children, and how they are often seen as the same, has followed me like a mosquito in June. The big fellas, you know, the loud high pitched sound passing your ear right before they find your neck?...more

Honesty in National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Historically, the purpose was to draw attention to children in foster care and their need for permanency. Bravo to then Governor Dukakis in 1976 for getting things moving.Today, the campaign is used widely and for a host of opportunists—whether it’s an unethical agency trying to increase revenue or Petsmart promoting pet adoption. We’ve blurred the intention of adoption awareness and moved, in many ways, the wrong direction....more
@monikazimmerman Thanks for your comments. I don't have a personal connection to CUB, but I have ...more

National Adoption Awareness Week 2011: a spray.

Did you realise it’s been National Adoption Awareness Week, this week in Australia?  I didn’t either, until I noticed it mentioned in a tweet on Monday and followed the links.  I’ve already blogged in response to National Adoption Awareness Month in the U.S., but I’ve been sitting on this post all week and writing and re-writing it as the week’s events have unfolded....more