Job Vacancy: Patience, Empathy and a Big Heart Required

Making the decision to become a foster carer is a deeply personal one, but it also impacts everyone around you. It’s part emotional choice and part career move. You are rewarded monetarily, but also have a lasting impact on other people’s lives. These contrasts mean that many people talk themselves out of fostering before they’ve even discovered if they would be eligible....more

A Prayer for Q

Q entered our lives & our hearts about a year ago. He'd just turned 4, and was funny, animated & undeniably adorable. With dark features and big brown eyes he could have been ours.  He fit into our home & hearts like he was ours....more

10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

Before adopting two awesome kids who came into my life through foster care, I had this idea in my mind that the whole ordeal would be kind of like what happened in Annie. We would just be handed a precocious, well-adjusted child that we would rescue from their dire straits through love and perseverance and possibly a few well-timed choreographic musical numbers. The truth is that it’s infinitely more complicated than that, although it is equally thrilling and wonderful—minus the giant mansion and, sadly, Punjab. We could all use a little Punjab in our lives. ...more
I was in foster care myself and now i am a foster parent myself. What a wonderful experience it ...more

Fostering Familes

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmI have another essay published!Fostering Families Todaysaw fit to print a piece I wrote called "The Attachment Tree". If that sounds familiar, you might have seen it when I posted it on my old blog....more
Great to connect ... I love this share about becoming a Foster Parent.more

Liscensure: Entrance into the Wild World of Foster Care

Getting licensed is the only way into the wild world of foster parenting.  The entrance is gated by the process.  And the process looks vastly different depending on which side of this entrance you are on.    Standing on the outside, you wonder why any of this training is necessary, why your life is an open book t...more

Choosing to Parent a Child With Special Needs

My son Leo is at his first-ever week-long camp for kids with special needs. He is thrilled to be there, and shrugged off my flurry of worried-mom departing hugs and kisses in favor of bouncing on his bed and holding hands with his aide: a young man who volunteered to spend his summer being a cheerleader, best friend, and 24/7 caregiver for kids who couldn't attend camp without 1:1 aides like him.  ...more

They really are amazing people. Thanks for your kind wishes; Leo's camp week was amazing for ...more