Not a Fairytale: The Sly Fox

Remember those fables you were told as a child about the sly fox and the dumb chicken or goose? Well they are based on fact, hard cold facts. No word better described our intelligent, resident fox. Red consistently fooled our dumb guard dog by laying his foxy scent in pointless circles. He knew that Shadow, our dog, would follow his nose mindlessly and not use his eyes. However, we soon discovered that Red was even more adept at nabbing chickens than outwitting our dog....more

Crochet Fox Hat - Free Pattern


The Red Fox of Fables Shows up at Our House

  The Joy of Mothering Remember those fables and stories about the clever fox that were read to you as a child? Well they are all based on fact. ...more
as a ballet, book worm, city dweller, I was delighted as my kids with the freedom and joy they ...more

The Sly Fox And The Traumatized Chicken

  The Joy of Mothering < ...more
This very story win the sly fox is being played in the country burbs of Memphis---actually in ...more

"Duets" New Show on ABC: A Review

Having just come off of American Idol, I was rather uninspired toward committing to another singing competition TV series.  So, I wasn't planning at all to begin watching "Duets" the new singing show on ABC where professional singers perform duets with amateur contestants in an Idol style competition.  Honestly, the whole duet thing is not really even that intriguing to me....more

"Raising Hope" on Fox: The Mom as my Role Model

I responded to a question on a blog this morning (I put that blog's link below, it's a good one) about "role model" moms as characters on TV shows.  Here is my suggestion: This is going to be a really strange suggestion for a female 'role model' - I'm even thinking it's strange, but here goes...  I really appreciate the mom on "Raising Hope", that really crude new show on Fox.  (that I watch)   Here's what I appreciate about that mom, in no particular order:   1.  She loves and stands by her worthless husband.   ...more

Team Obama Delivers Osama! Haters Sit Down & Take Note.

At  11:35 PM EST Sunday night, President Barack Obama addressed our nation and told us that, hours earlier, US forces had killed Osama Bin Laden and had taken his corpse into custody.  Over the past 10 years, the US has spent considerable time and energy searching for Bin Laden.  These efforts have been costly, both in terms of lives lost and treasure spent.  We have waged a deadly war in Afghanistan, which to date has claimed the lives of 1461 American troops and over 8800 Afghan civilians, and which has been financed to the tune of $4.8 billion USD....more

Fantastic Mr. Fox as a Father

Roald Dahl wrote the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" in 1970. Personally, Dahl suffered many tragedies as a Father and Husband. Divorce, family illness, and death, he drew his words from the heart. He was a philanthropist til the end. Many of us can relate to the trials and tribulations of Dahl, perhaps not to the same extent. Life pulls at our heartstrings makes them cry and sing. Regarding dear Mr. Fox, how does he rate as a Father and Husband? The plot of the story reveals Mr. Fox's many selfish actions that lead to family and neighbor altercations. These are life and death struggles....more

It's all about the love.

New drawings from my sketch book....more

Big and Beautiful or Just Beautiful?

MomsenseNYC I felt like I just had to write a post about the recent Lane Bryant ad that has been pulled from ABC and FOX. The new ad features a plus sized model showing off Lane Bryant’s new line of sexy lingerie called Cacique, strutting her sexy stuff. This woman is beautiful. She is gorgeous. If I were a guy I would F-her. So, what’s ABC and Foxes problem with this ad?...more